This is how the tax will go up from January

The Monotax will have a significant rise in the beginning of 2022 and will add pressure to taxpayers amid a strong inflationary context

The contributions of monotributistas will rise almost 53% from 2022, which will add pressure to the pocket in a scenario of high inflation.

In the same proportion, the billing caps of each category.

The contribution will be adjusted from January according to the accumulated increase for retirements in 2021, which showed 52.6%, official sources reported.

That is the level of increase that should be applied to the allowed billing values ​​in each category.

The same will increase the amounts corresponding to the tax component and contributions to the pension system and social work, in the corresponding cases.

AFIP will deal a serious blow to the pocket of monotributistas in 2022.

AFIP will deal a serious blow to the pocket of monotributistas in 2022.

Monotax: how the billing caps will be

Meanwhile, the maximum billings to be in the regime will reach $ 3,969,420 (service activities) and $ 5,648,790 (commerce).

In category A, the lowest, you can have income of up to $ 564,879. In B, the cap will be $ 839,685, to name a few examples.

Contributions will range from $ 4,040 in the lowest category to $ 30,401 in the highest, which is “K”, for businesses.

More adjustment: the reduction of subsidies for rates is coming

In another sign of the turnaround in economic policies, the Government, the Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, affirmed this Thursday that tariff segmentation will begin to be implemented “in the first months” of next year, which will imply a removes subsidies to some sectors.

He stressed that it will be a tool that will be installed for the procedures that come to Argentina. ”

The Government seeks to reduce energy subsidies in those homes that are in a position to face the increases.

With that objective, it has already asked the distributors to correct errors in the data of the people who appear as contractors of the service, when in reality the inhabitants of the properties are other people. It would be more than a million in the case of electricity.

The reduction of subsidies will improve public accounts, a condition that the IMF requires to be able to route an agreement.

Gesture for the IMF: the Government closes the year with adjustment announcements.

Gesture for the IMF: the Government closes the year with adjustment announcements.

Next year it will begin to be implemented. Hopefully it will be as soon as possible, in the first months, but I could not define a date, because we are in that elaboration schemes“, stressed Martínez.

Speaking to accredited media in the Casa Rosada, the official pointed out that the segmentation “is going to start little by little and I think it will overcome its management.”

“It is a tool that will remain installed for the efforts that come to Argentina and it will get better and better,” he emphasized.

In this context, the official argued: “It is a more intelligent use of subsidies. It is not saving or stopping saving, but using them in a more efficient way to be able to reach those who really need them in a more concrete way.”

“The evolution of the rates must always be well below the salary. The salary is the one that has to evolve in real terms,” ​​he stressed.

In addition, he indicated that segmentation is a process that they are “beginning”, and completed: “As of next year we will begin to take the first steps. It is a tool that will be perfected over the years in Argentina“.

The official defended the rate freeze during the pandemic. He considered that it was a “very important decision this year understanding the situation of a pandemic that complicated us.”

“The increases have not exceeded the digit. We always understand as a guiding principle that in no way can rates evolve above salaries,” he emphasized.

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