This is How to use Google Hangouts to Meet for a meeting of the house


In order to prevent the spread of the corona is always widely used, not just a few companies that enforce policies work from home, or work from home.

Working from home does not mean compromising productivity. Despite meeting face-to-face is eliminated, there are other ways to conduct a meeting to discuss the most important things every at home.

The easiest way is to do the the video conference. There are a number of applications that can be used video-conference, either by a device or computer smartphone.

One that can be used to Make a Hangsout. Applications, the get paid by Google-this is, in fact, the premium aka.

Google has, however, eliminate this service, to 1. To help July 2020 employees who work from home, in order to avoid corona-virus.

Not only Meets, meetings, Hangouts, could also be used for other events, such as the teaching and learning activities.

“As more and more employees, teachers and students working in the distance in response to the spread of the virus COVID-19, we want to help you stay connected and productive,” wrote Google in its official blog summarized KompasTekno from Search Engine Journal, Tuesday (17/3/2020).

Hangouts this Meeting provides space for up to 250 participants in a telekonferesi. Live broadcast of the conference call can be observed that up to 100,000 spectators to a single domain.

So you can start Meeting, a meeting with Hangouts

Meeting points Meeting with the built-in G-Suite and the only owner of the account, the G-Suite is to hold a meeting online in Hangouts Meeting. G-Suite offers a free trial version for 14 days can be accessed through the following links.

Hangouts can Comply with can be found in the menu section (the icon is amounted to nine) in the left profile a photo of Gmail, in the upper-right corner. Can also be accessed via the address

Meet online can be done by computers and devices smartphone. The user can start video-conference by browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Or it could be via mobile phone by downloading the Hangouts app in the Play Store and App Store.

Before the start of the session, the camera and the microphone on your desktop or mobile need to be identified in an active state. Video quality can also be arranged, if you want to use a high resolution or standard.

To start a meeting, click on the “start meeting”. The user can also add, the participants in the telephone conference.

Like, you can send a link via e-mail or upload them with a phone number if there is. Maker meeting room the meeting invitation, add online via Google calendar.

When he invited the people in the Assembly, then the Google calendar will be a note in the calendar of the people, who are invited automatically, complete with links to meeting invitations online that can be called directly.

The Meeting participants will be invited, doesn’t require an account to connect to G-Suite. You just click on the link for the tele-conference was distributed by e-mail or enter the meeting ID.

Other people, who are not invited or users that do not have an account with G-Suite, you must have the consent of the other participants of the meeting, if you would like to participate.

During the telephone conference, the participants can also chat Submission of information or materials is completed.

Tab chat you will find in the upper right corner. Tele-conference with Hangouts, this Meeting can also be saved to Google drive. This makes it easy to talk to if there is a discussion, back to the next meeting.