This is not a normal stomach!Tips to Reduce Inflammation

This feeling is not normal, in fact, there is a scientific name: abdominal distension!

Berenice Villatoro
• August 31st, 23rd

If your pants buttons look like they’re going to fly off after you’ve finished eating, wait for me, it could be serious, so in addition to explaining what happened to you, I’ll tell you what to do when you sit down inflamed.

This is not a normal stomach!Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Eating too much and drinking fizzy drinks is almost always the answer to how you feel, but it can be at other times too constipation symptomsfood intolerance, gastritis and others who came 30 years later.

What you should be sure of is a pain you feel it too irritable bowelwhich is a result of Gut flora imbalance This may be related to stress or hormonal changes.

nutritionist Reme Navarrosaid in several YouTube videos that when you feel like this, you should turn off the spice Eat steamed or grilled food, go for a walk after a meal, but what else can you do when you’re feeling irritated?

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What to do when you feel inflamed

Add ginger to your diet

The advantage of this root is that deflate the stomach Everything improves if you add oil of oregano, so you can incorporate them into your food, or make a Tea This will change your life.

Do not eat more than three meals

We are told to eat 5 or 6 times before we get exhausted, but if your body is inflamed, make sure you only eat 3 meals because your body pancreas You need a cat’s hand, and if you do this several times a day, things can go awry.

don’t drink too much liquid

Many people don’t drink a drop of water when they eat. is the right waybut we’re used to it, so naturally we ask for a soft drink or mineral water, so please turn it down a bit, because that’s all you’ll drink.

Take Care of Your Microbiome

this Gut flora It contains some tiny bacteria that help the body do this job well. Digestionso include the product that contains them.

overnight fast

There is a lot of research encouraging us to do this, including diet quickly Intermittent Ask for it too.Inflammation is further reduced if you stop eating for 12 hours at night

Tell us, do you have any other remedies for when you feel irritated? Did these tips help you?

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