“This is our Oppenheimer moment”

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic among the protagonists of the clashes that have led to the writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood in recent months. He also returned to give his opinion on the topic. Christopher Nolan during the promotion of his new film, Oppenheimerpointing “terrible possibilities” of these technologies.

“When you innovate with technology, you need to ensure accountability,” the director said, referring to many companies that have abused terms like “algorithm” for 15 years without understanding its meaning. “People in my industry who talk about this just don’t want to take responsibility for what this algorithm does. When applied to AI, its capabilities are frightening. Scary”.

According to Nolan and the leading researchers in this field with whom he had the opportunity to deal, this will be our “Oppenheimer moment”. A reference to the physicist, “father of the atomic bomb,” who is the protagonist of his new film, also about the relationship between technological power and humanity. Oppenheimer’s moment of responsibility and awareness: “we must ask people to account for what they do with the tools they have.” The director is sure of it: history Oppenheimer “This can serve as a warning and show where some of these responsibilities apply.”

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