this is Project Haven, which already has gameplay

The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2022, with a demo coming out in February.

The panorama indie can give us the most memorable surprises. The developers’ imagination can range from the cyberpunk world of The Ascent to the climatic problems of our own planet with Endling, something that does not leave behind fresh proposals such as OlliOlli World. Now the small team of Code Three Fifty One bang on the table with Project Haven, a turn-based tactical title that has already featured a gameplay.

Project Haven takes us to the streets of the last city on Earth to lead a mercenary group on high-risk missions. We will be able to carry out these objectives through confrontations that mix the classics tactical fighting in turns with a dynamism that allows us move freely Y target enemies with our mouse, which offers a fresher way to proceed.

Tactical analysis, turn-based combat and aiming practice: this is Project Haven, which already has gameplay

But victory will not be achieved only with brute force and cutting-edge equipment, since the title also offers us alternatives several such as shooting in the hand of the rivals (which will cause the weapon to fall) or resorting to stealth to make surprise attacks. In this way, we can explore New strategies at the same time that we improve the state of our group.

Project Haven will be released sometime in 2022, but its authors will advance a demo in February. Until the final release, we can continue to discover new independent adventures that can be perceived as true gems on the market, something that we provide you with a selection of the 20 totally essential indie games.

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