This is the $12.7 million mansion of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez, located in an exclusive area of ​​Riyadh dominated by white, with large open spaces and Olympic proportions swimming pool | people | entertainment

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mansion in Saudi Arabia is nothing short of luxurious. The footballer has been playing for the Al-Nassr club since January 2023, which is why he has to settle in the Middle Eastern country with his partner Georgina Rodríguez and their five children .

Initially, the couple stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, which according to the El Mueble website is one of the most luxurious hotels in the country and they have 17 suites in total. However, this would not be the case forever, and a few months later the couple moved to their new dream home, a house with a modern style and concrete structure.

The relevant media revealed the details of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s mansion in Riyadh, considering that many features of the site are known from the articles published by the model on her Instagram account.

What does Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s mansion look like?

The exact location of the couple’s residence is not known to the public, although according to data processed by Spanish magazine, the property is located in Unique complex of Al Muhammadiyah community Valued at 12 million euros, approximately US$12.7 million.

The mansion on Miami’s exclusive Indian River Island, where Don Francisco lived for decades, was purchased by a famous DJ for $69 million.

The outlet, which specializes in the renovation, adds that the mansion has easy access to gyms, restaurants and shops, which will please Georgina Rodriguez, who loves shopping.

Regarding the structure of the property, El Mueble reports that the reception hall has a waterfall and is spacious, as is the living area, where Gio showed how his children were entertained.

This part of the mansion shows that it is a modern two-story structure with high ceilings and large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide light to the interior.

The walls and decorations inside the house are mainly white, creating a minimalist style atmosphere, with light-toned sofas, crystal lamps and a giant TV combined on one of the walls.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s children have plenty of space to play in their home. Photo: Instagram @georginagio.

Another area of ​​Cristiano Ronaldo’s mansion includes a private cinema, with individual furniture for each family member, from the eldest to the youngest.

From the exterior area of ​​the hotel we can see that it has a large Olympic style swimming pool for Cristiano Ronaldo and the whole family to enjoy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mansion features an extensive swimming pool and large palm trees lining the space. Photo: Instagram @cristiano.

In addition to the green areas of the large garden with palm trees, there are white sofas, parasols and Balinese-style beds for outdoor relaxation. (and)

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