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The Chinese government successfully tested an “artificial sun,” which is actually a powerful nuclear reactor, which would generate unlimited energy, at times of strong demand.

The Chinese agency Xinhua reported that the EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) project generated an “artificial sun” that multiplied by five the temperature of the star king, for more than 17 minutes, with 70 million degrees.

The main objective of this project isproduce almost unlimited clean energy, under the basic idea of ​​emulating the reactions that occur naturally within stars”.

The project, which is already approaching the 1,000 million dollar investment and which will continue experimenting until June, is based on a nuclear fusion reactor. TOAlthough more dangerous than renewable energies, nuclear fusion is for many the definitive improvement of the incomparable nuclear energy of the power plants that we already know. Of course, in them we should talk about fission when we talk about fusion here.

Fusion reactors do not separate but fuse atomic nuclei creating a massive amount of energy which, after more years of research, could be converted into electricity. Unlike fission, it does not generate hazardous waste and does not require fossil fuels. Also, they say, there is a much lower risk of environmental disaster.

In Marseille, France, and the UK, there are already plans to start a similar research project in what, for now, is the closest we get to technology that allows us to create a massive amount of energy in a clean and sustainable way. . For example, the UK STEP Project plans to power homes with this technology in 2040.

Far from any scientific evidence, I couldn’t help but remember how many network users claimed that this was neither more nor less the project of the recovered Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2 (2004). Notably Spider-Man had to sink this nuclear sun into water to stop an explosion that would have wiped out New York..

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