“This is the best way not to screw it up.” Penelope Cruz starred in a new photo shoot and talked about self-doubt on the set

Penelope Cruz starred in a new photo shoot for Marie Claire (Photo: Marie Claire)

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz graced the cover of the February issue of French Marie Claire.

The 46-year-old celebrity starred in a fashion photoshoot, trying on stylish casual looks from world brands. In particular, Cruz posed in trendy denim, a white oversized blouse, and elegant knitted tops.

In addition to the new photoset, an interview with the actress appeared in the fresh issue of Marie Claire France, in which she unexpectedly spoke about her self-doubt on the set. According to Cruz, after many years in the acting business, she still has a fear of the set.

Photo: Marie Claire

“Every time I find myself on a new set, it seems to me that this is my first film. I feel insecure, which deep down seems useful to me because this feeling is the best way not to screw up. I like to feel this fear. In a way, it helps me push boundaries. There is nothing worse than relaxing too much on set, ”she says.

Cruz also spoke out about the criticism she faced during her career, and also stated that she never “googled” her name:

“I don’t dwell on what others think of me, and even when I receive amazing compliments, I try to keep my distance and don’t believe this person 100 percent. When it comes to negative comments, I try not to think about it and never google my name. That would be a really bad exercise for my mental health! I only care about the opinions of my family and friends. Of course, I am grateful to people who love my films or write to me, moreover, I try to answer as many letters from fans as possible, ”says the actress.

In an interview with the publication, the movie star also talked about how she has changed over the past 10 years and what achievements she considers the most important in life:

“So many things have changed, especially the fact that I became a mother. My life has completely turned upside down. As a mother, you start thinking in a different part of your brain and will never be the same again. It’s great. When I was young, it was important to me how other people see me and how they treat me – positively or negatively. But as a mother, I realized that this is the most important mission in my life and that I want to fulfill it as best I can. Motherhood definitely gave me confidence, ”says the celebrity.

Photo: Marie Claire
Photo: Marie Claire
Photo: Marie Claire