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Rastafari is the second most important religious political movement in Jamaica. photo. IngredientsLR/AFP/EFE

There is a small country that is part of the 13 islands of America, also known as antilleswhich reminds us of music bob marley, white sand beaches, sun and Caribbean Sea.Its capital and most populous city is Kingston. With over three million citizens, it is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean.

In this country, Rastafari is the most important political and religious movement after Christianity, and English is the official language. Learn more about Jamaica in the notes below.

The country where they play the most cricket, King Charles III is the head of state

jamaica Be a member of the following organizations federal (Commonwealth), so it has a constitutional monarchy with a head of state equivalent to king charles iiirepresented on the island by the Governor Sir Patrick Allen.

In addition to being famous for reggaeton music, this Central American country bob marley and excel in speed competitions against indices such as Bolt, Cricket has been around since the 19th century, even more than football. This is a legacy of British colonial history. The Caribbean’s largest stadium, Sabina Park, is located in Kingston and has a capacity of over 15,000 people.

jamaica It has two official languages, EnglishIt is the third most populous English-speaking country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada– as well as dialect, It is a Creole language, derived from Pidgin, a mixture with African languages.

flag jamaica It is one of the few colors that does not come in colors like white, blue or red. Black symbolizes human strength and creativity, yellow symbolizes natural wealth and the beauty of the sun, and green symbolizes hope and natural resources.

Jamaica was a Spanish and British colony

horse racing card (Land of Timber and Water), as the area’s first settlers called it, was occupied by tribes from South America at the time christopher columbus In 1494, on his second voyage across the American continent, he landed in the Gulf of Santa Gloria and claimed the territory for Spain.

The territory remained a Spanish colonial property until May 10, 1655, when the English invaded the island with 38 ships and 8,000 soldiers.

these years, jamaica It became one of Britain’s most prosperous colonies and the engine of the Industrial Revolution, with slave-grown sugar plantations. Most of them work in the fields or do domestic service.

1834 Slavery ends. The British Parliament approved the abolition of slavery throughout the empire. There had been uprisings before that were violently suppressed by the forces of order.

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