This is the enormity of the Corona, NASA Was Finally giving up and Waving a White Flag


RIAU24.COM To have the development of the outbreak of the Corona virus in the United States rages on, began to impact on some sectors. Pure, air-and space Agency (NASA) was forced to raise the white flag of surrender, because they are able to block the attack of the virus.

The reason is because this virus, the ambitious program of NASA was forced in the context of flight plans to the moon in the year 2024, suspended.

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NASA actually had a target, the rocket Space Launch System, that is announced to the missile the most powerful missiles of the other. Reported by viva relying on “mirror sites”, Tuesday, 24. March 2020, the missile was in the Stennis Space Center, New Orleans, USA.

However, since the Corona-virus that plague the institutions that were forced to rewind the time to plan. Including the suspension of the construction of this rocket.

“The number of cases of positive Corona in the municipality is increasing. Not to forget to our experts, the Stine, the insulation, and there is a confirmed case on the Team at Stennis,” said NASA Administrator, Jim Bride.

It is said, for a while, it stops the production and testing of the rocket, as well as hardware or hardware Orion. He said the contractor will secure all the hardware in a stable state, and the work can be resumed.

In fact, the rocket is projected to be used by astronauts on the moon in 2024 and to explore the planet Mars, six years later.

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To note, last week, an employee of the AMES Research Center in Silicon Valley, California, stated positive COVID-19. This calls for the Agency to dismiss their employees. A short time later, employees of the Marshall Space Flight Center, Albama also indicated positive Corona Virus.

In this time, starting from Monday, 23. In March there were more than 33 thousand cases of the Virus Corona COVID-19 struck the land of Uncle Sam, and a reported 400 people died. ***