This Is the House in Miami Where Manuel Turizo Sings to His Girlfriend ‘Love Me While You Can’

Manuel Turizo lives in a cozy apartment in Miami.

The talented Colombian interpreter lives in a very nice apartment and he has shown it to us with the photos and videos he has shared on his social networks.

The Colombian interpreter Manuel Turizo, 21 years old and famous for the songs ‘Una Lady Como Tú’ and ‘Quiéreme While You Can’, currently lives in a very nice apartment in the city of Miami I, which, although he is small, he has everything he needs.

The man born in the town of Montería shares a roof with his girlfriend, Joselina Souza, and his inseparable dog, whom he has shown us in some of the videos and photographs that he has uploaded to his social networks.


His kitchen showed us in one of his most recent videos, in which he is seen cutting a piece of meat, while in the background he listens to ‘Caliente’, one of the songs from ‘Dopamina’, his second album.

Thanks to this material, we were able to notice that his kitchen is made up of a white cupboard, stainless steel appliances, and a bar that he uses to prepare his food, but which can also function as a breakfast nook.


His living room, located right next to the kitchen, is made up of two beige sofas, a brown stool, a black coffee table, and a gray carpet with the English legend ‘Keep Off’.


His bedroom has only shown it once and that was when it was recorded sitting on his bed, while he performed the song ‘No Te Vayas’.

Thanks to this material we were able to realize that he sleeps in a large bed with bedding in gray tones and that from his bedroom he has access to his balcony.


His balcony is one of Manuel Turizo’s favorite spaces to do his photographic sessions, since it has spectacular and unparalleled views of the City of the Sun, and … he knows how to make the most of them!

Besides being a perfect backdrop for your photos, your balcony also has some outdoor furniture that you love to sit on to relax and feel the ocean breeze.