This Is the House of Macarena Achaga, The Actress Who Gives Life to Michelle Salas in ‘Luis Miguel, The Series’

Macarena Achaga lives in a small apartment in Mexico City.

Argentine actress Macarena Achaia, 29, will give much to talk about in the coming days for her participation in ‘Luis Miguel, the series’, where she personifies Michelle Salas, one of the daughters of the famous ‘Sol’.

They also model has been living for some time in Mexico, a country where she has carried out all kinds of projects, being ‘Amar a Muerte’, one of the most successful, having formed, together with Bárbara López, the lesbian couple known as’ Juliantina ‘.

It is precise with a video in the company of Bárbara that Macarena took us to see the living room of her cozy penthouse located somewhere in Mexico City.


The living room of your apartment is made up of a gray modular armchair, as well as a shelf that you use to place various items, including a video projector, allowing you to turn that space into a real movie theater.


The kitchen is equipped with a white pantry and stainless steel appliances.

Being somewhat small, Macarena decided to install a bar overlooking the room to gain some space and incidentally give a feeling of spaciousness to that corner.


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Dining room

The confinement caused the singer also to have to make a radical change to her home, having turned her dining table into an office and even a beauty salon.

Its table is white and has space for four chairs of the same tone.

Like, between the living room and the dining room, you have a full-length mirror that is your best ally when choosing the outfits you will wear.


His bedroom showed it to us when he simulated, in one of the first videos he shared on YouTube, the recreation of a spa on the occasion of the start of the confinement caused by COVID-19.

Her bedroom is made up of a large bed with a gray headboard, light-colored bedding, a picturesque painting in the headboard area, and a couple of differently designed side tables.

In the bathroom of your room you have a shower with a transparent screen and a bathtub in which, surely, you can take relaxing foam baths.


Despite the tiny size of her home, the former member of Eme 15 enjoys a very comfortable terrace, where she has various outdoor furniture and beautiful views of the Mexican capital.


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