This is the house of Yuliana Peniche, the ‘cursed cripple’ of ‘María la del Barrio’

The actress who is remembered for her role in ‘María la del Barrio’ lives very happily with former soccer player José Luis ‘Parejita’ López

The 39-year-old Mexican actress Yuliana Penichewho is engaged to former soccer player José Luis ‘Parejita’ López, has allowed us to get to know some of the corners of her home in Mexico City.

The celebrity, who continues to be remembered for her role as ‘Alicia Montalbán’ in ‘Maria la del Barrio’, has shared with her followers some images and videos of her cozy and very simple home.

From the photos displayed, we can see that she continues to keep the same home in which she lived during her childhood, she even still has some of the furniture with which she grew up.

Dinning room

Its dining room is made up of a rectangular glass table with space for 10 people. Combine chairs in chocolate and bone tones.


After crossing the access door, the first thing you see is the living room, which is equipped with brown leather armchairs.

In the center of the room, there is a large vase with plants and flowers.

Television room

His TV room is made up of light-colored leather sofas with their respective cup holders, so the couple can have their favorite drink while watching a movie or a game for the Pumas, the team where she played on television.

In that room, they also have a basketball hoop, in which they can practice their best shots as if they were in an amusement park.


The bedroom has a large bed with blue bedding and pillows with black covers.

There she also has several stuffed animals, which were surely given to her by her boyfriend.

In addition to using it to sleep, that room also works as a game room, as it has its own video game console.


In her patio, she has a wide variety of plants, as well as some garden furniture, such as a round table with a capacity for six people and a bench.

It also has a swing, which she and José Luis love to sit on for hours.

Although she has almost 30 years of experience, her career was marked by the character she played in ‘María la del Barrio’ in 1995, where ‘Soraya Montenegro’, the villain played by Itatí Cantoral, insulted her with the memorable phrase ‘damned crippled’ after surprising her kissing with ‘Fernando de la Vega’ (Osvaldo Benavides).


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