This is the Hungarian statue in homage to the creator of bitcoin

The city of Budapest, in Hungary, has just inaugurated an imposing bronze statue. According to its creators, it is the first in the world to pay tribute to the anonymous creator of bitcoin.

It is a bust installed in a business park near the Danube River. The bust is on a stone structure where the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonym of the bitcoin developer, whose identity is still unknown, has been written.

The image shows a statue erected in homage to the creator of bitcoin.

A god of the market

The inauguration of the statue was celebrated by several of those in charge of the project and by the people who came to the event to take pictures with the bust.

“We think of Satoshi as the founding father of the entire cryptocurrency industry,” said Andras Gyorfi, a journalist specializing in bitcoin and initiator of the project. “He created bitcoin, he created blockchain technology, he is the god of our market.”

The image shows a statue erected in homage to the creator of bitcoin.

One of the peculiarities that the bust has is that it has been so polished that the people who come to it can be reflected in them.

It is a kind of mirror in one of the busiest places in Budapest, and it aims to represent one of the ideas of bitcoin, to be everyone’s and nobody’s at the same time.

Its creators, Reka Gergely and Tamas Gilly, explained that they wanted to give it a human form while staying true to Nakamoto’s anonymity.

The image shows a statue erected in homage to the creator of bitcoin.

“It was a great challenge. It is very difficult to make a sculptural portrait of a person that we do not know exactly what he is like, ”Gilly explained to The Associated Press.

“I hope that through the language of sculpture I have managed to convey the basic idea of ​​bitcoin, which belongs to everyone and nobody at the same time.”

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