This is the ideal sleeping temperature, 10 tips for falling asleep in summer

The arrival of the hottest month of the year means sleep can be a Mission impossible.and these skills You will be able to fall asleep without any problem.

he early summer It usually brings about a considerable temperature increase.Ascent minimally, it may be difficult to rest at night due to hot. Fortunately, there are a series of suggestions that can help you sleep soundly during sleep. this station.

What is the ideal temperature for sleeping?

have a very important stable temperature In summer, it should be placed in the room to prevent heat from affecting sleep. National Sleep Foundation Point out that ideally the thermometer should be between 15.5 degrees and 21 degrees Celsius in the bedroom.

During very hot periods, such as June, July or August, it is recommended using natural fabrics, Such as cotton or silk as they prevent increased sweating.

What is the best temperature to sleep with the air conditioner on in summer?

Summer vacations are normal due to hot temperaturesTo fans And air conditioning, but adjusting the temperature is essential. According to the Office for National Statistics, up to 20% of colds are caused by improper use of these devices.spanish society of respiratory and thoracic surgery (separation).

Therefore, the air conditioner should Between 23 and 27 degreesadjust it to avoid consuming a lot of energy and making the environment very cold at night.

What is the ideal temperature for a child to sleep in?

A child sleeps soundly. Pixar Bay

According to the “Practical Guide for Parents” Spanish Pediatric Associationsummer children’s room should be Between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, so there is no substantial difference from an adult.

How to dissipate heat without a fan?

there is one series of measures Works great for housing if you don’t have a fan or air conditioner. These include: ventilation earlier or later in the day, create draft Or use fresh bedding.Take a cold shower before bed good result.

What should I do if I don’t sleep hot at night?

Although during the summer months, thermometer With temperatures high throughout the day, the secret to not getting hot is keeping your bedroom cool.Also, if you lighten your bedding or wear cool pajamas, as cottonyou will have a lot of cattle.

Why do I feel hot at night?

At night, your body suffers different temperature changes to adapt to the environment.Normally, when falling asleep, the body regulates it to a minimum level to allow Restful sleep.

However, factors such as stress, anxiety, or high room temperature may cause affect rest make you feel hot when you wake up midnight

Tips for Getting Your Optimal Sleeping Temperature

Although summer can sleep Odysseythere are a series of sleep tips to follow comfortably This moment in every year.

Summer Sleep Tips: Keep Your Bedroom Cool

This is probably the most important skill for being able to fall asleep.If the room is cool, you You will fall asleep easily. To do this, ventilate the room during the first and last hours of the day and close the blinds when the sun shines in. comfortable climate invite you to rest

Summer Sleep Tip: Use Light-Colored Bedding

Cool room in summer. Pixar Bay

You should avoid at all costs those fabrics that give you heat. During the summer months, silk and cotton is the best choice because they are fresh Let you rest well.

Summer Sleep Tips: Pajamas Matter, Too

As with bedding, care must be taken pajamas or pajamas And turn to those who will give you the most restful sleep.Cotton and silk are again best allies.

Summer Sleep Tips: Eat Frugally

In addition to the condition of the room, what you do is also important.If you bet on a big dinner, you’ll pay Digestion Then fell asleep.The ideal thing to do in summer is when you wager at dinner salad and fresh dishes.

The secret to sleeping in summer: Take a hot bath to lower your body temperature

Before going to bed, you can try to take a bath with body wash warm water. In addition to lowering your body temperature, it can help you Relax to sleep better.

Summer Sleep Tips: Stay Away From Lights and Appliances

A room illuminated by lights. Pixar Bay

Lights and appliances are one heat source, So the best thing you can do is keep them out of your bedroom in the summer, thus keeping them cool environment Great for sleeping.

The secret to falling asleep in summer: Do not exercise vigorously before bed

While exercising before bed sounds tempting, the truth is that it will make you heated body And it won’t help you fall do excercise First thing in the morning or at sunset, but not before bed.

Tips for falling asleep in summer: use a fan or air conditioner

As we mentioned before, Fans and Air Conditioners they are good friends during the summer. Of course, getting them right is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep.

Summer Sleep Tip: Use Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils are not just another way to fragrance your home, but they can also help you RelaxSleeping well or improving mood, it was revealed Aroma House. They are the perfect addition to summer.

Summer sleep tip: Hydrate often

One of the fundamental aspects of high temperature is stay hydrated. Otherwise, you may wake up from the heat, expose you.It is recommended to keep a bottle of water next to the bed, just in case you are thirsty night.

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