This is the interior of the camera 108 MP and “Zoom 100X” Galaxy S20 Ultra life

158 – Galaxy S20 Ultra was on 11. February with his two brothers, namely Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus. Bells and whistles “Ultra” in the Galaxy S20 make these variants has its own advantages, especially in the area of the camera.

A camera Galaxy S20 Ultra has a resolution of 108 mega pixels (MP) and also equipped with the feature Zoom up to 100x or referred to Samsung as “space ” Zoom”. So, how does it work?

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The website “uninstall done “gadget” iFixit is also a video, the process takes the innards of the Galaxy S20 Ultra the answer to find. From the results of the oprekan, there are some interesting findings.

First, as the resolution, the physical appearance of the main camera module including the lens and the sensor – 108-MP-jumbo looks anyway, even bigger than the surface of the circuit Board main camera iPhone 11 Pro. His illustrations can be, you will see in the following image.

Illustration of camera module 108-megapixel Galaxy S20 Ultra (top) and camera module 12 megapixel camera in iPhone 11 Pro (below).iFixit Illustration of camera module 108-megapixel Galaxy S20 Ultra (top) and camera module 12 megapixel camera in iPhone 11 Pro (below).

In addition to the camera 108 MP, a form of camera module “periscope” Galaxy S20 Ultra also unique. Module camera-telephoto lens (48 MP), located to the right at the bottom of the module 108, the MP was mounted on the side.

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In it, there are a number of lens periscope (glass prism) “Folded lens”, which is loaded in a module controller which can be moved to be to the left and to the right, the optical zoom of 4x, the more can be improved to 100x with the help of software.

Module controller it is also equipped optical image stabilizer/OIS to dampen the shock when it is used to capture the object.

Figure-module Tele-leads, that of the slider mechanism.iFixit Figure-module Tele-leads, that of the slider mechanism.

Other interesting findings on the main printed circuit Board (PCB) Galaxy S20 Ultra called thick, because the two pages full, including stuffed with components, chip modem-Snapdragon-X55, internal memory, RAM modules LPDDR5, modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and so on.

Regardless of the physical appearance of the components earlier, iFixit also concluded that the Galaxy S20 Ultra-fixed hard. Therefore, a lot of glue used in the device for the binding of one component with the other components.

As a result, the demolisher this gadget a score of 3 out of 10 for the level of ease of repair Galaxy S20 Ultra, are summarized KompasTekno from iFixitOn Monday (9/3/2020).

Curious how the picture of the “guts” of the phones? Search iFixit find in a video in the following link.