This is the leaked Features of the Latest iOS 14 who Will be Present September 2020


Today, Apple Inc. currently, the final upgrade of operating system, namely iOS 14 authorize. Current operating systems running on your iPhone or iPad from Apple, the iOS 13, released on September 19, 2019 is.

One of the features that are brought to iOS 14, the functions of ‘silence’ in the service of iMessages is. According to the report of BGR, Apple is testing the properties of ‘mentioning’, or a mention in the service is supposedly book iMessages.

This feature can call the user, the members of a chat group to your friends using the ‘ @ ‘ symbol.

In addition, iOS 14 iPhone-and iPad allow users to choose Google Chrome and Google Mail (Gmail), the default application. Previously, iPhone users need to. with the Safari browser and E-Mail client E-Mail from Apple

This shows the size of the heart” from Apple will give you a chance, the trade show for developers of other apps to compete with the internal service of Apple.

In addition, iOS 14, a number of new features, one of which is presented as a function PencilKit, this function allows the user to write text, with Apple-pencil.

On the application Notes, there is functionality, hand-written words. But for the rest, in fact, there is no function, the handwriting will convert to text.

To use it, the user simply write the hand. The handwriting will then be converted to the default text before it is sent. To function the ability of OCR (Optical Character Recignition) on the functions of the PencilKit this seems to be on almost the entire area of the text input nothing in iOS.

Artihya, this feature will be compatible in the application like messages, notes, reminders, calendar, Mail and much more.

The plan, iOS 14 will be published between the date of the 14-or 18-September 2020. Timing is in line with the tradition of the iOS always presented in the month of September. For example, the update iOS 9 in 2015, a year later, iOS 10 released on 16 September to 13 September, 2016, iOS 11 on September 20, 2017, iOS 12, on 17 September, and the iOS 13 on September 19, 2019, as reported by the Mac-world.

But this plan may be delayed because of the Corona virus.

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