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Alunite has become very popular in recent years due to its many beneficial uses. It is composed of minerals such as phosphorus, aluminum, and potassium. Its other name is Phitkari Crystal Stone or White Alum Crystal Stone and it comes in chunk, chunk and stone form. We will mention some of the uses of this wonderful stone below:

  1. Reduce perspiration: One of the main uses of this stone is to reduce perspiration. This is possible because the potassium in the stones helps close the pores, thereby limiting the amount of sweat your body releases. As the stone passes through the skin, it leaves a thin layer that helps remove bacteria from the skin.
  2. It is an excellent deodorant and natural preservative: Helps reduce body odor and is also effective in disinfecting wounds and minor wounds, thereby preventing infection.
  3. It is a natural firming agent: Its added benefit is that it acts as a natural skin tightener, which makes it great to use around the eyes, eyelids, and lips. Also, it’s great for getting rid of cellulite and firming the skin on your belly.
  4. It is used in many cosmetic products: This ingredient is often added to many beauty products. It is often ground up and added to face masks, body scrubs, and lotions to help rejuvenate the skin. Another way to use it is to add it to soap to promote exfoliation.
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    Apart from all these benefits, it is also a great helper to effectively remove blemishes on the face in a short period of time. This condition tends to be a problem for many people because they are suspicious of uneven skin tone. These phenomena appear for various reasons: prolonged exposure to solar radiation, the result of acne, after pregnancy (the famous cloth), sunburn due to lack of sunscreen or hot wax burns. There are many reasons, but don’t worry, this time we bring you a method that can help you get rid of these spots forever, 100% natural products, inexpensive and risk-free for most people.

    How to Get Rid of Spots on Your Face in Just 10 Minutes

    All you have to do is get alum stone powder (it won’t lose its properties) and add it to your liquid mask of choice. It can be a hydrating mask, a purifying mask, or a peel off mask, but a sheet mask won’t do the trick. Now that you have the alum stone powder, simply blend it perfectly with the mask and apply to your skin as usual. Let it work for 10 to 20 minutes, then remove with plenty of water. Incorporate it into your daily routine and repeat it two to three times a week. You’ll start seeing results in a few days.

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