This is the man to Entrust and Give a bad review to WhatsApp in Play Store, What is it?

296 – Each app is in the Google Play Store in any case, a review and rating in form of stars for a given user. Reviews that are written on the basis of experience, the use of the current user of the application.

Recently, a warganet find the incident funny, because it’s another user review and rating-fits are not subject to the application, because prostitution is to be fooled online.

Shared via the Twitter account @mojosukapuyo on March 21, the owner of the account, upload the image in the form of a screenshot of the app reviews by WhatsApp in the Google Play Store. On the image a user sees it leave a rating, ugly a star for WhatsApp.

Not only that, but the funny thing is the reason he gives, the assessment of the ugly included in the reviews he wrote. He is a star, because prostitution via WhatsApp be fooled by online.

Reviews written on March 19, it reads, “WA now so the online prostitution. I ketipu girls open BO 2 million by wire transfer. First of all, you have to ask the DP-500 thousand, and in front of the hotel, I was told, I’ll pay for the security of 500 thousand. Continue to ask to transfer 500 thousand for pay-mommy, again. Again ngelunasin said 2 million, he said, if you are not paid to return, I was threatened, had not a report to my wife when I play BO with him. A total of 2 million I transfer constantly WA blocked me.”

Check WhatsApp. [Twitter]
Check WhatsApp. [Twitter]

Reviews veiled, indirectly, to reveal his own guilt, it also caught the attention of warganet, because it is considered funny. While BO is an acronym of the booking, a term used usually in the online prostitution.

“Ketipu open BO, but betenya to WhatsApp” you write to the owner of the account @mojosukapuyo in the description column.

Uploads more than 3,700 times were released to the other Twitter users who also had various comments from warganet.

Check WhatsApp. [Twitter]
Check WhatsApp. [Twitter]

“‘t ngakak gak sih? When his wife read the review, you will get caught, if he ever BO,” write account @febstari.

“It is sad clay is a picture of her as his wife,” Comment @kinnannn.

“WA you can add your own, the numbers, the prostitution online begimana? We are WA there is a function to find people in the vicinity more you add chat? Anj***, lu ye,” insert @hadisaputro_.

“Hahaha, just imagine, to read his wife, as” as said @hahasyasya.

“My Wife” cuit @ArniRekta.