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This is the mascara worn by Meghan Markle and costs less than seven euros

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In the age of social media it is almost uncontrollable what happens when a product is launched on the market. Users’ opinions run like wildfire by these platforms and all united can raise to heaven or sink into hell the sales of them.

But there’s one thing that’s still above this and that’s the influence exerted by well-known characters. When the predilection of any of them for a particular product is filtered, it is usually immediately reflected in sales. For example, it took place when the actress Lupita Nyong’o (38 years old) showed during the 2014 Oscars gala a lip balm of the Clarins brand.

This rises to the maximum exponent when it comes to a personality that is not usually involved in the universe beauty, because of the exceptional nature of the situation. And it’s just what happened when it was revealed. what is the product with which she makes up her eyelashes Meghan Markle (39).

Meghan Markle in one of her last appearances as an active member of the British royal household.

Meghan Markle in one of her last appearances as an active member of the British royal household.


Far from what anyone might think, it is not an exclusive cosmetic, the mask in question is the Lash Sensational of the signature Maybelline. The surprise has been great when it has been known that it is a reference low cost, which can also currently be followed with a succulent discount. Depending on the distributor from which it is purchased, its price varies between five and seven euros.

Lydia Sellers, one of the makeup artists of the wife of the Prince Harry (36) has been responsible for unveiling the secret of the defined look that Meghan always wears. The expert beauty commented to the British publication Hello! that it was the Duchess herself, in an accomplice gesture among women, who recommended her favorite: “Since then it has become my flagship product”, says Sellers.

The mascara worn by the Duchess.

The mascara worn by the Duchess.


And the cosmetic seems to be an off-road launch of the American conglomerate. As it appears in its product sheet its gupillón, with bristles of six different sizes, gets an open and fresh look. Another property of this tool is that thanks to its design prevents lumps from being deposited on the application area, conferring a cleaner appearance and lightening the eyelashes so that they do not lose the curved shape they acquire with the newly applied product.

Its advantages do not end here, since its formula, enriched with rosehip oil, contributes to provide an extra hydration. “Separated, intensified, elongated, the eyelashes unfold from the tear to the outside of the eye as a fan”, this is how they define the result on the cosmetic brand’s website.

Meghan’s makeup

The Duchess usually bets on beauty looks very natural that highlight the good health that your skin enjoys. Meghan is proud of her skin and in most of his appearances he exposes freckles covering his face. In addition to being a feature that has become fashionable in recent seasons, they give it a very personal style.

Once he gets his complexion to shine, he likes it intensify your gaze, therefore a product such as mascara can not be missing in your neceser. In addition to giving prominence to this area with the requested cosmetic, the wife of Prince Harry marks both the water line and the top eyelash line in a dark tone to provide depth in the gaze. On the most special occasions, Meghan adds a little contour to mark the profiles of her face and some shine to her lips.

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