This is the only municipality that does not have cases of Covid-19! So what has been achieved


According to the latest report from the Secretariat of Healthin the mexican territory sum more than a thousand deaths by Covid-19 and 12 thousand 872 confirmed caseshowever, there is a municipality in Tabasco that has been the only one in the state that until now has not reported any patients with the virus.

It is Jonutalocated in the river region Usumacintathat , due to their preventive measures has not registered even a single case of coronavirus since the submission of the health emergency throughout the country.

In an interview with Sofia Garcia and Alejandro Sanchezthe municipal president, Francisco Filigree Castro given to know that from the March 18, began to carry out the containment measures to avoid the contagion.

The inhabitants follow recommendations

He explained that to be a municipality with 39 thousand inhabitants dince last month the authorities realizaron retainers healthplacedgua, soap and hand sanitizers at various points of the place, in addition to taking the temperature of the citizenship with digital thermometers.

In the same way restricted access to the demarcation, why are blocked, the points are located in the booth of San Jose, on the border with Centla; in the hut of Monte Grande, on the road City-Pemex-Jonuta; at the Roundabout of the Sax, on the road Jonuta to Explore; and in the Doghouse of the Bird, located on highway Shoemaker to Jonuta.

Indicated that desinfectaron all areas in which there is agglomeration of people and asked the inhabitants not to leave their homes during the nightas a kind of curfew.

During the conversation, he pointed out that this would not have been possible without the coordination of the local health authorities, municipal government and the willingness of the population to follow the recommendations.

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