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this is the Platzi Spanish course

Key facts:
  • The course is free and anyone in El Salvador can do it.

  • The program was designed by Platzi, academy of digital education.

A virtual course on Bitcoin (BTC), blockchains and cryptocurrencies aimed at Salvadorans was launched by the Platzi digital education academy.

The course has been available since last September 6 on the website of the academy, and it can be done not only by Salvadorans, but also by anyone geographically located in El Salvador.

Ingrid Zuñiga, Communications Director at Platzi, spoke with CriptoNoticias about this initiative that arose with the approval of the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador:

The initiative arose when El Salvador approved the Bitcoin Law. At Platzi we saw an opportunity to continue educating in technology and to be part of this history that marks a milestone in Latin America. From our experience we decided to support the digital education efforts of Salvadorans and anyone who is physically in El Salvador.

Ingrid Zuñiga, Director of Communications at Platzi.

The course program, which CriptoNoticias had access to, includes explanations about what a blockchain network is, what decentralization is, how a Bitcoin transaction works, what the Bitcoin Law of El Salvador consists of and the nature of BTC as currency of legal tender in that country.

The course consists of several classes in explanatory videos about Bitcoin and its legal validity in El Salvador. Source: Platzi (Courtesy).

In addition, they explain that Bitcoin can be an excellent means of payment, but also a tool that financially empowers people, among others of its technical and economic foundations.

The course is taught by Angela Ocando, director of the courses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at Platzi, who shared with us her objectives with this program for people in El Salvador:

Approaching a topic of financial technology was a great challenge, so the objective was to explain from the basics of bitcoin, the concepts and the language to how this currency works as a means of payment in a simple way so that all people have the opportunity to be part of this.

Ángela Ocando, Course Director of the School of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Goat, wallets and security in Bitcoin

Likewise, in the course they clarify important points to use the Chivo purse, created by the government, and which has been a matter of confusion for some Salvadorans.

For example, they detail that Chivo It is not the only wallet that can be used in the country: each user can use the wallet of their choice.

In this sense, they include information on how to manage the security of our wallet, based on standards of use throughout the ecosystem.

Using a password manager, antivirus software and maintaining good security habits when browsing the Internet are some of the tips they give.

The Bitcoin monetary system and its market is also a topic covered in the course “Bitcoin for El Salvador”. Source: Platzi (Courtesy).

Educating about Bitcoin involves all sectors of society

Ingrid Zuñiga commented to CriptoNoticias that This initiative and the design of the course were carried out by PlatziAlthough the Ministry of Innovation of the Government of El Salvador is aware of and supports this virtual course for citizens.

To bring education we will always need institutions. Our mission is to turn Latin America into a digital economy with talent to export and, to achieve this, we need to work with all sectors: public and private institutions, academia, and companies.

Ingrid Zuniga, Director of Communications at Platzi.

Platzi has other courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchains, previously launched publicly, to which this one on Bitcoin joins, only for people in El Salvador.

They also have available one on trading and another course on non-fungible tokens (NFT), which, unlike the course for Salvadorans, are subject to a basic cost to study on the platform.

Likewise, the course “Bitcoin for El Salvador” can be done by other people outside of that country if they pay for the Platzi membership.

For its part, the government of El Salvador, chaired by Nayib Bukele, launches its own state education campaign, amid protests against the Law. This campaign also has its milestones such as having the first advertisement about Bitcoin made by a government.

Other campaigns to educate about Bitcoin are also taking place by other organizations in El Salvador, as we have reported in CriptoNoticias.

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