This is the protocol that they must follow the funeral by Covid-19


NEZAHUALCÓYOTL, State of Mexico.

Before the emergency by the Coronavirusthe Secretary of Health instructed the 400 funeral registered in the State of Mexicoon the protocols that must be followed in the event of attending a case-by-death-of-Covid-19.

Although they have only been officially reported three cases of death, ensure that they have received at least 30 people who would have died for conditions that could be related.

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David Vélez Ponce, president of the Association of owners of funeral homes explained that they were told that bodies that have died of Coronavirus should be admitted to the coffin, with two bags to septic tanks, “and has to be closed the coffin, not precisely have to be an airtight casket, our staff has to use in all kinds of death, gloves, face cloths and in the case of the Covid-19 a special suit that has to be discarded after they have entered the body in the coffin,” he said

In addition, we indicated that the times of revelation are minor, with the presence of maximum 20 persons, in addition to that it is best to avoid the embalsamamientos.

Most importantly, the intervention, what should be done to the bodies at the request of the family? is embalming, where it is suggested that the prudent course is not to embalming, as the emission of waste can be in some way a focus a very large infection, so we are suggesting to people, to family members, two things: first, that the revelation is shortened that there is not much agglomeration of people and the second to avoid embalming”.

In addition to respecting the uses and customs, so the family decides whether to be cremated or buried; if cremated, the coffins are destroyed.

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You have to destroy them, the indications that we were given is that the coffin has to be sanitized with a chlorine solution and subsequently is going to be destroyed. Also the Health Secretary has instructed all the companies and governments that have crematory oven, giving them a protocol of management body and especially the handling and destruction of the coffin”, he said

Of coravirus there is a roll of three people, unfortunately, as marks the ministry of health there are many bodies that doctors are certifying as septic shock and such as pneumonia, and that gives rates that is conducive to be patients who have had and has not been detected the Covid-19, then following the official mexican standard funeral homes-traditional, we are trying, all the bodies, all independent of the cause of death, with all indications that they gave us we’re following the protocol as is, got it”, said president of the Association of owners of funeral homes.

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