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This is the serum that Angelina Jolie uses to look young and perfect always!

Today, technological advances such as new research disciplines, revolutions in medical imaging and new characterizations of biological objectives make it possible to adopt an innovative, interactive and dynamic approach. New links are created that open up prospects for discovery that previously would have seemed impossible to achieve.

Based on this new scientific approach, it was created Guerlain Beelab the first research platform dedicated to beekeeping products and their power to repair the visible signs of aging. It was in this same laboratory where the Advanced Watery Youth Oil it was improved and reformulated.

Intensive beekeeping in recent years has profoundly changed the genetic structure of bee populations in our territories. The identification and obtaining of the best raw materials begins with a detailed and exhaustive study of bees and, more specifically, of the black bee, a species endemic to France (where the brand’s headquarters are located).

More than 10 years of scientific discoveries, from repair to the properties of the bee’s active ingredients, have demonstrated the benefits of a new blend of honeys and royal jelly on the skin. Black bee honey from the island of Ouessant is enriched with three other island honeys, from Corsica in France, Ikaria in Greece and Åland in Finland.

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