This is the so-called “ground zero” of the coronavirus in Cancun


The Hospital General Regional (HGR) 17 the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), in the region 509 is turned on “ground zero” of the pandemic by COVID-19 in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

At least 13 doctors, between urgenciólogos and pulmonologists, and residents and medical interns, contracted coronavirus and, therefore, remain unable to exercise. One of them belongs to the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) 3, located on Avenida Coba.

Last march 30, the day that the first doctor was diagnosed by COVID-19 at the hospital of the region 509there was a warning on the part of the staff to the general direction of the hospital about the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

To perform the requests you wrote a letter to Moses Alejandro Toledo, director of HGR 17, in which it asked for PPE sufficient to address the health crisis in the hospital and “support the flow of patients”.

“The hospital does not count with the necessary infrastructure for the correct isolation of patients COVID-19, what puts you at risk to the general population and the medical staff. We are the first line, how are they going to face the pandemic, if doctors are sick?”, declared one of the doctors.

The petitions were ignored by the general directorate of the IMSS. In addition, in the letter, the signatories claimed that they, themselves, bought medical equipment with its own resources, which goes against the Collective bargaining Agreement and the Federal Labor Law.

According to reports Noticaribe Peninsularthe medical staff infected consists of eight men and five women will be disabledat least two weeks.

“We wanted to give only three days of the disability and to request the subsequent clinics. To reluctantly they gave us 14 days of disability at all”, he noted Noticaribe Peninsular one of the doctors affected. “We’re staying on the strip, we are not afraid, it is our job, but it is necessary to know the truththe managers of the hospital are omitted due to the severity of the problem.”

It was also reported that, until April 3, there were 35 patients hospitalized in the HGZ 17 as suspected cases of coronavirus.

The outbreak hospital has resulted in patients with other diseases are transmitted to the HGZ 3. In addition, it was reported that there is the possibility of constructing facilities for temporary parking of HGR 17 to cater to the demand of patients.

The Health Secretariat of Quintana Roo reported on Wednesday that in the state there are 146 positive cases, 10 deaths, 207 suspected cases, and 34 patients recovered.

Cancun is the city most affected: of the 146 cases in the state, 100 are located in the tourist region. Reports The Yucatan Times they claim that within the hospital of the IMSS, there is an atmosphere of fear and tension on the part of all the medical staff.

Family members of patients hospitalized within the HGR 17 by diseases different to the coronavirus not able to keep in touch with the doctors or specialists who treat the cases due to the protocols that limit access to the facility, which adds uncertainty to what’s happening inside.

However, in addition to the confirmed cases of coronavirus inside the facility, is recorded the death of at least 19 people in the last 14 days for pneumonia, “atypical” or “not specified”.

The period between detection and death of a patient of 67 years was of five days. According to Noticaribe Peninsular, the IMSS in Cancun has used the cause of pneumonia “not specified” to record the recent fatalities due to respiratory failurethat is the same for COVID-19.

In the last two weeks there have been 41 patients diagnosed with pneumonia “not specified”. Nineteen of them have died due to the disease, according to hospital sources.

However, Noticaribe Peninsular he also confirmed that due to the lack of medical evidence of COVID-19 in the state you can’t study all the cases.

Medical staff of the HGS 17 has been manifested by lack of inputs to address the pandemic. Are not the only ones: staff at the Institute of Health and Social Security of State Workers (ISSSTE) in Cancun said this Wednesday due to the lack of protocols and protection material. More than 20 workers gathered outside of the premises requiring the necessary equipment to prevent contamination and the spread of the virus.

In the past few days, approximately 97 workers of IMSS have been infected, of COVID-19 in hospitals of the state of Coahuila, Baja California Sur, Morelos, and Mexico State, reported Zoé Robledo, director of the institute. Three more have died for the same cause.

After the pandemic of COVID-19 be declared as health emergency national by causes of force majeureis suspended the tourism in all the beaches and resorts around the countryreported to the assistant secretary Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell last march 31.

The secretary of Public Safety (SSP) in Quintana RooAlberto Capella Ibarra, warned extreme measures in the entity with pandemicso that close to beaches and streets in the next few hours, because there are still many people who do not respect the isolationless healthy distance.

The pandemic threat the survival of more than 44,000 jobs in Quintana Roo, according to estimates by the World Council of Travel and Tourism (WTTC for its acronym in English). Up until April 7 have a record of 63 thousand 847 dismissed employees.

According to the estimates of the Center Coordinator, Business in the Caribbean (CCEC), to the end of the month, will have close to a million people without jobs across the entity. This derivative of the restrictive measures promoted by all health institutions around the world, where the recommended social isolation.

The limitations of mobility at the global level will involve a loss of three months of travel and will cause a reduction between 12 and 14% in the jobs dedicated to this area between April and June of this year.

Gloria Guevara Manzo, president and CEO of the WTTCwarned that the blow for Cancun and Playa del Carmen it would be much greater than expected, as the 49.6% your GDP comes from this activity; while in the entity in the 37.7% spaces labor they are related to the tourist activity, which represents 148 thousand 300 jobs.

The hotel occupancy in Cancun it has been collapsed at the highest levels from 93% that he planned for this Holy Week until the 6% of the today due to the pandemic Covid-19. With this panorama, the hotel entrepreneurs already give up for lost the holiday season.

The sanitary authorities of Mexico reported this Wednesday, April 8, that are already 3,181 cases confirmed by COVID-19 in the national territory, and 174 fatalities due to this condition.

For the first time, in addition, since the epidemic began, the Secretariat of Health (SSa) provided an estimate of total cases: would be 26,519 across the country, that is to say, eight times more than those who are confirmed. The calculation is performed through the so-called “sentinel surveillance” which is also used during the crisis of H1N1 influenza.

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