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this is the story of her boyfriend, Travis Barker

They confirmed their relationship last April, when they were photographed hand in hand, after months of rumors. It was official, Kourtney Kardashian had a new love, despite the fact that in recent years, many suggested that she was going to give a new opportunity with her ex-husband and father of her three children, Scott Disick. The eldest of the Kardashian sisters thus recovered the illusion next to Travis Barker, a famous rock and punk drummer, member of the group Blink-182, with a controversial life and a past that attracts both attention and with tattoos that cover almost all of it. of your skin.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian© GettyImages
Travis and Kourtney a few days ago, in Venice.

In recent weeks, they have walked their love along the Italian coast aboard a luxurious yacht and have also starred in romantic scenes on their social networks, thus making it clear that theirs is serious and that together they are living an unforgettable summer. One of the stops on their romantic tour of the Mediterranean has been Venice, where they attended the Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture show and they were one of the couples that captured the most flashes. And it is that their relationship has surprised many because they come from very different worlds and Travis went through a difficult time marked by drugs and scandals. The first to come out against their courtship has been Kourtney’s ex-husband, from whom messages were leaked this week that he sent to Younes Bendjima, another ex-boyfriend of Kourtney, commenting on the couple’s landing in Venice: “Is this girl okay? Brother, but what is this? In the middle of Italy ”.

Kourtney kardashian© @ kourtneykardash
Image shared by Kourtney Kardashian from her romantic vacation along the Italian coast.

But looking back, the Travis of now has nothing to do with the one of years ago, aftera dramatic plane crashchange the course of his life forever in 2008. It all happened during a trip he made to South Carolina, where they had a concert. On that trip his partner was going to accompany him, but at the last moment, with his suitcases packed, he preferred to stay home “in case something happened that didn’t happen to both of them,” as Travis himself recounted in his book Can i say. A premonition of the tragedy they would later experience.

“I knew the worst was coming: I was going to die. The plane went through the airport fence and crossed a road and then we hit a hill “

After the performance, part of the group decided to return home earlier than planned in a private plane, to meet up with their families when before, but during takeoff, the wheels of the device exploded, causing it to be engulfed in flames and crashed into the vicinity of the airport. “The cabin started to fill with smoke. Afterwards, we took off, launching ourselves wildly in the air, but we kept going up and down (…) He knew the worst was coming: he was going to die. The plane crossed the airport fence and crossed a road and then we hit a hill ”, the musician himself narrates in his book. “I panicked. I jumped to the right of the jet wing, which was full of fuel. My whole body was covered in fuel and caught fire, from my legs to my back, ”he explains.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian© GettyImages
The couple, photographed last July.

The accident claimed the lives of the two pilots, Barker’s assistant and his security guard. The rocker He suffered third degree burns to 65% of his body and spent three months in the hospital, where he underwent 26 surgeries. There was only one other survivor DJ AM, his friend and collaborator, who passed away a year later.

“I panicked. I jumped to the right of the jet wing and my whole body was covered in fuel and caught fire, from my legs to my back. “

That made him change and leave behind the drugs that, curiously, he used on many occasions to face his fear of flying. “People always ask me if I have gone to rehab, and I always answer the same thing: No, I survived a plane crash. That was my rehabilitation. Losing three of your friends and being about to die? Trust me, that was my wake-up call. If he had not been involved in the collision, most likely he would never have left, ‘he confessed to the magazine a few years ago. Men’s Health.

He has had a panic about flying ever since, but recently, Thanks to Kourtney, he’s back on the plane. She, whom he has known for years, has now become a very important pillar In his life and although it may not seem like it, they have several things in common, such as love for their children. Travis has two, the result of his marriage to the model and actress, Shanna Moakler, Alabama and Landon, 15 and 17 years old respectively.

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