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‘Red alert’ reached Netflix with the title of being the most expensive film on the platform so far, it being clear that the film starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot it was destined to devastate. Already did with the best first day for a company movie and now it’s poised to be Netflix’s most popular movie of all time.


As you will remember, Netflix recently revolutionized its way of reporting on audience data and today it was time to know how many million more hours played ‘Red Alert’ was going to add up after the 148.72 million of its first three days available. In the next seven he has finally added 129.11 million more to a total of 277.90 million in just ten days.

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In this way, the film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, also responsible for titles such as ‘A spy and a half’ or ‘The skyscraper’, already occupies the x position in the Top 10 of most popular Netflix movies. Come on, the Top 10 movies that more millions of hours played has achieved during its first 28 days available. It was clear that it was a matter of time – and it is, because ‘Red Alert’ will achieve it throughout this week – for someone to unseat ‘Blindly’, who had been at the forefront of a list that now remains from the Following way:

  1. ‘Blind’ with 282.02 million hours played
  2. ‘Red alert’ with 277.90 (in 10 days)
  3. ‘Tyler Rake’ with 231.34 million
  4. ‘The Irishman’ with 214.57 million
  5. ‘My first kiss 2’ with 209.25 million
  6. ‘6 in the shade’ with 205.47 million
  7. ‘Spenser: Confidential’ with 197.32 million
  8. ‘Enola Holmes’ with 189.9 million
  9. ‘Army of the dead’ with 186.54 million
  10. ‘The old guard’ with 185.71 million

It is already a matter of time before Netflix reaches an agreement to make at least one sequel to ‘Red Alert’, because it is clear that the platform must already be negotiating to get out of here a new franchise.

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