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This is what Cardano [ADA] plans to make off-chain metadata immutable

Fluree announced a new partnership with Ikigai Technologies to provide off-chain data storage for Cardano metadata. The associated project is called Logosphere. This new project is a Project Catalyst cohort project.

The end result of Logosphere will be a metadata sidechain for Cradfan that will be built with Fluree’s graphics database. Helps Cardano query data more efficiently and accurately from various sources.

New opportunities for data-centric applications

Working with data is one of the most attractive sections of technology, especially in the blockchain industry. When a product can collect data from multiple sources and obtain information from them, it will be very valuable. Many blockchains are trying to move into this section by collecting off-chain data and processing it in on-chain applications. Cardano is one of them. A new project from Fluree and Ikigai Technologies focuses on this issue. It will result in a metadata sidechain that helps dApps in Cardano.

Logosphere is the name of the new project that focuses on blockchain data use cases Cardano. It helps projects on this blockchain to collect data more accurately and use it in a practical way. Analytical purposes, data-centric dApps creation, and data exchange between applications are some of the use cases for the new sidechain.

There is currently no standard for off-chain databases. It’s a burden on dApps that need to share data between applications and off-chain data analytics. Ikigai came up with a proposal to solve this problem. You want to use Fluree to build a sidechain for dApps. According to the announcement:

“Fluree’s immutable graphics database has native support for W3C data standards, making it suitable for this solution. Transaction metadata in Cardano will be expanded beyond the current limit of 16kB, and Fluree will provide an API to allow anyone developing dApps to take advantage of a means of storing extended metadata.

Accessing off-chain data is one problem, but being sure of its immutability is another. Fluree and Ikigai’s new sidechain assures developers that data collected off-chain has the same degree of trust as on-chain data because it is a side-chain and can benefit from the features of Cardano.

The public sidechain will be available in early 2022. Engineers from Fluree and Ikigai will collaborate with engineers from IOHK on this project. The IOHK team can surely help these teams work better with Cardano and implement the sidechain in a way that can help Cardano developers at best.

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