This is what fate has in store for your sign this weekend

San Luis Potosi, SLP., September 9, 2023. – Mhoni Vidente tells you which zodiac signs you are most compatible with and how you fare in love; it also gives you some advice so that you can be successful in your career.


You will have two days of good luck, especially in love, as your sign benefits from relationships and this is an ideal time to feel love, which will provide you with a lifetime of vitamins.

Try to pay off your credit card debt to avoid future problems. Don’t tell anyone about your problems, as many people are happy to see you get worse; be more cautious and learn to choose your friends. You will go through the formalities to travel abroad with your family. Remember not to be too impulsive and control your negative thoughts. Married Aries may have an unexpected pregnancy. You will have the chance to get the numbers 07 and 18, which you must play on Sunday. Your lucky color is red. Be careful with alcohol, don’t drink too much, be careful.


Your sign always strives to be the best at everything, especially at work, so try taking a course on the weekend to focus more on your college career and shine in your performance. They invite you to go on a trip with your friends over the next few days. If you’ve just met your partner, try not to fall in love, remember trust is earned over time. Stay calm in love relationships. Don’t forget to listen to your parents’ advice because they always want the best for you.

You will have problems with gastritis this weekend, remember this is your weakness, so try not to drink so much. This Saturday, numbers 09 and 17 will bring good luck. Your color is bright blue. Try not to lie in any relationship.


You will be completely refreshed by the weekend and you are in the best and healthiest phase of your life which will give you good energy so keep exercising to look your best and stay positive in everything you do mood. Beware of robberies, your sign is very trustworthy so be more careful on the streets.

Your coordinator or manager comes to you to ask for your opinion on a new project; keep up the good work and don’t make any comments unless they ask you to. Put aside the rumors and resolve the inheritance in the best possible way.

A new fire sign love is looking for you and will make your weekend full of passion. Your zodiac sign and the numbers 02 and 33 will bring good luck on Sunday. Your prosperity color is yellow, try wearing clothes in this color to increase your good energy.


You have to understand that things happen to you because they suit you and don’t get angry with yourself because the positive energy is in your favour.

This is also a good time for you to make repairs to your house; if you decide to paint it, remember that your sign loves a nice, clean life. You remember a lot of love from an Aries or Libra that left a deep mark on you, but it’s best to try to close the circle and move forward with a new partner who loves you.

You will have an extra job on the weekends, accept it because the extra money will help you improve your financial situation. You will receive an unexpected gift from someone who loves you very much, and you will have your credit and payment documents in order to heal your financial situation. Your lucky numbers are 05 and 44. Use mostly white.


Take advantage of the good momentum your sign brings at work, don’t stop for anything, and work hard to improve yourself. When your zodiac sign feels overwhelmed in love, they will decide to leave; try to calm down, everything will be solved in these days and you will talk to your partner about future plans again. Don’t be too intense in a relationship and respect other people’s decisions. They invite you to take a trip to the beach with your friends, do it, it will help you regain your energy.

You receive unexpected money due to past debts. You will receive the numbers 09 and 77 for good luck. Your colors are green and red. Pay attention to your dreams and you will receive a message from a loved one who is already with God.


You will use the weekend to plan a change in attitude and see everything that happens to you as a lesson in your life, harness the positive energy of your birthday and get into a positive mood.

Fire sign love is looking for you to come back; come back, everyone deserves a second chance. You pay tuition and credit card fees, but try to manage your finances better. Try not to seek gossip at work and be more discreet. Don’t forget that your sign is one of the most loyal, but sometimes your sexual temperament can make you fall victim to temptation. Numbers 13 and 20 will bring you good luck. Your colors are red and white, use them more.


You are a conqueror and have a passion for sex, which leads you to new loves, but try to have a more stable life with a formal partner, because sex is the gateway to transfer energy, so look for someone as positive as you. You paid for your trip in December and they’re looking for you to invite you to a party this Saturday. Try to study more so that you can pass all your exams this year and have peace of mind. Stop eating too much, especially when you’re nervous, and remember you need to stay healthy and look your best. Numbers 06 and 99 will bring you good luck; tie a red ribbon with three knots around your right ankle to protect you from bad energy. Beware of ex-partners who want to hurt you out of spite, beware of their ill will, and remember, you never promise something you won’t keep.


You will be full of luck and surprises this weekend, because the stars are by your side and will bring you great opportunities; use the good luck the stars give you to realize your dreams. You will get unexpected good luck due to a salary increase.

Your lucky numbers are 08 and 27. I recommend using orange and yellow to attract good luck. In terms of love, you are at a good time to meet someone special: if you are single, you will be able to find true love at a party, and if you are in a relationship, you will enjoy moments of passion and complicity. Your most compatible zodiac signs are Cancer and Pisces.


In the realm of love, you should be wary of those who want to resume the relationship, but remember that if they have done it to you, they will do it to you again, so it is best for you to stay away from that person. People and move on with your life.

In terms of health, be careful about back and neck problems, avoid lifting heavy objects, and exercise moderately. This weekend will be a time of renewal and enrichment, and the stars are on your side to help you achieve your goals. You’ll have the opportunity to grow and advance in your career, using this momentum to showcase your talents and skills. But you have to be careful with your plans so that you don’t become filled with bad energy. Your lucky numbers are 12 and 40, and your colors are yellow and red.


You will be focusing on your finances and love life these days, as the stars are on your side and will help you achieve your goals. You’ll be thinking about how to make money, since your sign is sales and management, and you have the skills needed to make that happen; also, it’s a good time to start a business or invest in something that will generate a profit. If you are in a relationship, you may have suffered a betrayal or a breakup and you are going through a rough time, but you have to be strong and move on.

If you are single, you may meet an Aries or Virgo person who is interested in a serious relationship. You must be careful to avoid excessive drinking and eating, and it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Your lucky numbers are 21 and 30. Your colors are orange and red.


In terms of relationships, be careful of people who want to change you and don’t insist on being someone you are not. Overall, this weekend will be very positive for you, use the good energy from the stars to enjoy life; you will be filled with joy and good energy.

Love from outside will flow into your heart and this person will make you very happy and will help you achieve your goals in life. Remember, your sign will always need a partner to feel complete and harmonious. In terms of health, be careful about high blood pressure, avoid drinking a lot of alcohol on weekends, and exercise more. This weekend you will be very busy walking with your partner. Financially, they will come to you and invite you to join a new business, which is a great opportunity for you, so don’t let it pass you by.


If you feel like you’re stuck, look for new challenges and don’t settle for what you have. Be generous to others and share your good fortune. This weekend is filled with opportunities and the stars are on your side to help you achieve your goals.

You will receive extra money to pay off past debts. This is an ideal time for you to continue studying or start a business, and you will do well. You must take care of your current relationship and avoid making the same mistakes of the past, because love must be enjoyed and trusted. A friend born under the sign of Sagittarius or Cancer will invite you to travel in the New Year, which will be an opportunity to have fun and relax. You will be lucky to get the numbers 18 and 37 and your colors are blue and green. In your house, you should move furniture and change the position of mirrors so that more richness comes into your life.

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