This is what happened when his father was kidnapped by Etta

Julio Iglesias and Isabel Pressler separated in 1978married for seven years and have three children. The singer’s infidelity crossed the Atlantic and she couldn’t take it anymore. After the divorce, he settled in Miami, while she stayed in Madrid with Chabelli, Julio José and Enrique. The singer then focused on music and, as his daughter said, he forgot about life. Over the years, he worked hard and succeeded all over the world, achieving what few have achieved: an unprecedented and meteoric career.

His legend states that from 1979 to 1982 he was the top-selling album-selling artist in the United States. Where is your album? Hey! The book has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Julio Iglesias has built a solid career as an artist and amassed unprecedented wealth. Give us an idea: He was the first global pop star and brand pioneer who made more money than either Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson through his promotional campaigns for Coca-Cola. He was the living image of success, the mirror for those who, like him, dreamed of a better life and dreamed of a millionaire life.

Julio Iglesias wealth

The media followed his achievements and made headlines about his wealth: he was said to have pocketed his fortune. 3 billion pesetas including royalties only. In an interview with Spanish television, Inaki Gabilondo asked him if he knew how much money he had. The singer remained silent, but the reporter made it clear that he did not want to know how much money he had in the bank, but only wanted to ask him if he knew how much money he had. Julio answered honestly. “I don’t know how much money I have.”

Julio Iglesias poses with his family, Getres

Julio Iglesias’s wealth has opened doors to a life beyond the reach of most, but it has also brought out his most painful side. On December 29, 1981, his father, Dr. Iglesias Puga, left home in his metallic blue Renault 5. He went to the clinic’s office but never arrived.. Cars appear to be parked out front. He disappeared. It didn’t take long for the alarm to go off, and Isabel Pressler broke the news to Julio, who was locked in a Miami recording studio.

His father was kidnapped by Etta

ETA kidnapped his father and he felt guilty. He idolized his father, a vibrant, cheerful and happy man who was the mainstay of his life, but now he might have lost that. He issued a statement asking terrorist groups to contact him or his brother, and police focused on releasing detainees.They found it in Trasmos, Zaragoza On January 19, 1982, they released him. “Thanks to the police, I survived,” he said as he saw the light of day.

1981 Julio Iglesias and his father kidnapped by ETA Getres

The kidnapping affects the entire family. “It was a trauma that caught us off guard and changed our lives,” Chabelly said of her and her brother. They were 10, 8, and 6 years old, and they didn’t fully understand the dimensions of what was going on. We were regular kids walking to school, and we started being escorted. “Things got worse. “My mother received a letter making it clear that they could kidnap one of us.”

Kids, go to Miami.

Their parents took action and decided that the three children would settle in Miami with their father. Instead, they don’t experience it in a painful way. “Day in and day out, we are here in America and life is incredible,” Julio Jose said. It seems normal. What child can say that they encounter Michael Jackson and Diana Ross every day at home?

Julio Iglesias Puga, “Papuchi”, with Lorna and James Getres

After the kidnapping, Dr. Iglesias Puga decided to turn his life around. After forty years of marriage and life together, he separated from Maria del Rosario. Soon he was introducing his new girlfriend, Begonia. A young woman 39 years younger than him.The romance didn’t end well when they broke up He meets Lorna Keith, his new love. They are 48 years apart, but that doesn’t hinder their plans. Shortly after their marriage, their first child, James, was born. With the arrival of another child, her happiness grew. It’s Ruth, but Papucci won’t be able to see his daughter. She died at the age of 90 on December 19, 2005, shortly before the girl was born.

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