This is what has made Bella Hadid to offset its carbon footprint and teach you how you can compensate for yours


Fortunately, each time we are more concerned of taking care of the environment, especially the younger generations. And each time there are more celebrities that try to be a good example to his thousands of followers with this theme, as is the case of Bella Hadid.

For business reasons, Bella has to travel on a plane frequently to be in the fastest way possible in any part of the world. Bella has wanted to to offset the carbon footprint generated by every time I travel by plane, by donating 600 trees.

“Donate 600 trees to plant, 20 for each flight I’ve taken these past 3 months and I will probably have to continue doing the rest of the year. I was saddened to see how much it affects my work, my carbon footprint and so brutal that the climate change is affecting the whole world”, it begins by explaining in a publication of Instagram which shows an illustration of a woman covered in vegetation, representing the Nature.

“I’ll start by my home in California (129 million trees need to be restored due to the forest fires, which have burned 1.3 million acres) and, of course, the Amazon region by the recent forest fires”continues asking you to tell them what other regions need to be reforested.

In addition, the model explains that he has chosen the NGO One Tree Planted to offset your carbon footprint to encourage their followers to do the same.

From Monday 2 to Friday 13 of December, Madrid hosts the Climate Summit (COP 25), with the aim to promote global action against climate emergencies and to implement from 2020 the Paris agreement. Atresmedia has wanted to give all of their support under the motto ‘Together x the Climate’where all the radio and television channels of the group will offer a special coverage of the summit.

From Europe FM, we will enhance the campaign from the framework of our green initiative Breathes Europe FMwith content on our website linked to the fight against climate change and the ecology and we’ll explain how you too can offset your ecological footprint.


On the web, an initiative of the diputación foral de Bizkaia, help you to calculate your ecological footprint and, in addition, and indicate you points that you can modify, guiding you step by step to change your habits that are most harmful to the environment. How often do you eat animal products?, how often do you change mobile?, how much trash you produce?

In addition, we six tips to reduce it to the maximum in your day-to-day:

How you can offset your carbon footprint

How you can offset your carbon footprint / Atresmedia