This is what Inter Miami looked like during the last home game without Lionel Messi: “How is that possible?”

User Tik Tok To the surprise of his followers How about Inter Miami’s DRV PNK Stadium? last home game No Lionel Messi. Severino Participated in local and sporting kansas city He was speechless when he saw the atmosphere in the stadium. This was the first game without “Flea” since he came to American Club.

through your account @severinopivot, shared the publication on the platform. As you can see from the video, the stadium was empty. “There’s still something I don’t understand about U.S. Soccer,” Severino said. “There are 3 minutes and 44 seconds left before the game starts, look…”, he said while focusing on the sparsely populated stands.

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Severino surprised his followers by showing his experience at the International Stadium in Miami. (Video: TikTok/@severinopivot)

how so?completely empty entrance“He added. In addition, he said that the tickets for the game were cheaper than usual ($60 and up). “Look what this is, three minutes to go… okay,” he concluded.

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Video views 89 times, 53,800 views ‘like’. “I can imagine how many people went without knowing that Messi wouldn’t be playing,” one user commented. “They don’t like football, they just want to see Messi,” another follower added. Another TikTok user replied: “The kids played well, even if Messi is not there, they deserve to be seen.”

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