This Is What Steve Jobs’s Abandoned Mansion Looked Like on the Inside Before It Was Demolished In California

Steve Jobs had a mansion that gave him several headaches because they wouldn't let him demolish it.

A photographer visited the home of the late Apple CEO several years ago and captured never-before-seen images of his lifestyle, even swimming in his pool

Tycoon Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, 2011, had a beautiful mansion in Woodside, California, which he tried to demolish for more than 10 years, until shortly before his unfortunate death that he was finally able to do so.

Before it was reduced to rubble, the property, also known as the Jackling House, was visited by Jonathan Haeber, a photographer of abandoned houses, who showed, through his lens, what the iconic place looked like back then.

The images captured by Haeber were recently revived by the New York Post newspaper, in which some of the corners of the building built, in 1925, by the famous architect George Washington Smith, could be appreciated.

The house had an area of 17,250 square feet and was located on a lot that touched 6 acres.

During his tour, Haeber captured some of its 30 rooms, which were in an advanced state of neglect and disrepair.

In a totally opposite situation were the green areas and the pool, which looked as if time had not passed through them, to such a degree that Haeber steeled himself and took a dip.

“I went out one night and went swimming in their pool. Jobs had every intention of conserving the landscape and the land. His idea of ​​demolishing the house was to be able to put a smaller house, more to his liking. So it’s normal for abandoned houses to have someone to maintain the pool, ”Haeber said.

What is the history of the house?

The first tenant of the residence was Daniel Jackling, a renowned copper mining magnate, who injected all of his styles into it.

The property passed, in 1984, to Steve Jobs, who spent $ 3.5 million for it, however, after a while he sought to demolish it to build a smaller house in its place.

Since 2000, he stopped maintaining it and let the abandoned do their thing, since they wanted the government to demolish it due to their conditions, however, their plans did not go as they thought.

It was until May 2009 that the Woodside City Council granted him the demolition permit, but on the condition that he allow the mansion to be dismantled and moved to another location, as it was considered a historic building.

In February 2011 it was finally reduced to rubble and of it, only the memories and photographs taken by Jonathan Haeber remain.

To see more images of his invasion of Steve Jobs’ home, click here.


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