This Mercedes is so good that it multiplies its sales by two despite not having offers

There are models in our market that are so good, so round in everything, that they do not need offers to succeed. One of them is a Mercedes, precisely one of the Mercedes cheaper than we can find in the catalog of the brand of the silver star.

It is none other than him GLA, the SUV compact whose main rivals are the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3. A GLA which has become one of the best assets of the German brand in Spain since, despite not being a precisely cheap model, it does have everything premium that you can ask for in an SUV.

Mercedes GLA 2020
Mercedes GLA 2020

The Mercedes GLA doubles its registrations in the last month of the year

It is no coincidence then that, despite not having any offer, this SUV doubled its sales in December compared to November. It was in the last month of the year that this Mercedes It achieved neither more nor less than 535 sales, a figure that helped it end the year in a more than interesting 67th position in the general ranking in Spain.

A Mercedes GLA that can boast of being premium in every way. Starting with its price. And, as we can see in the configurator, the starting price of this SUV is now 38,375 euros. A price that is far from those who have the Nissan Qashqai or the Peugeot 3008, best seller in this segment.

Mercedes GLA
Mercedes GLA

However, the materials, technology, design and performance of this model are far above its generalist rivals. In the case of the simplest, this GLA arrives with a motor 1.3 gasoline from 136 horses of power to which it is difficult to find a ‘but’.

Obviously nothing to reproach in terms of equipment and technology, where, despite being the access model, this version of the GLA It arrives already very well equipped as standard. A premium model aimed at those who do not look for the price as their best purchase argument that, yes, continues to have a very loyal audience.

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