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This really costs a chicken in Bogotá

After the controversy generated in Colombia by the cost overruns declared by food for officials of the Esmad, where half a chicken of 4 dams in combo was declared for $ 24,526, an exaggerated price for the quality that some officials claimed to have received.

To get an accurate picture of the situation, from Supertrending we contacted several restaurants and pollerías in the different localities of the city of Bogotá, to establish a margin of the prices of this product according to the area.

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This really costs the chicken in the south of Bogotá

In the exercise of consulting costs, it was clarified that chickens in the localities and neighborhoods of the south oscillate between the 10 and 15 thousand pesos the whole chicken. Now, the half chicken in combo has a cost between 7,000 and 11,000 Colombian pesos mostly.

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This really costs the chicken in northern Bogotá

Doing this same query in the different locations of the north, we obtained that the average values of a chicken the entire is between 22 and 35 thousand Colombian pesos the most expensive in recognized barbecues. For its part, the half chicken is between 12 and 17,900 pesos the most expensive in combo.

It should be clarified that within the towns of the south and north, there are neighborhoods and specific areas that have greater socio-economic stratum and therefore, food prices vary despite being in the same areas.

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Recall that according to the accounts that passed to the District, the purchase of the 121 thousand half roasted chickens to feed esmad soldiers during the 2020 days of protests in Bogotá. Due to the cost overruns already mentioned, the councilor of the Party of the U Rubén Torrado also gave himself to the work of quoting different recognized asaderos in the city.

“The calculation I got was 17,365 pesos for each combo of half roast chicken, much lower than the calculation badly made by the Secretariat of Security which was 24,526 pesos”, said the official, who clarified that there were other quotes of 36 and 39 thousand Colombian pesos.

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