This Striking difference between the Dark mode on Android and iOS


The world will be celebrated, the presence of dark-mode (dark mode) in the devices you. Start the battery save to be healthy for the eyes, the lovers of devices from longing after the presence of dark mode in your device.

Different companies, application developers, get famous in the world, such as, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, enter dark mode on the satisfaction of your customers.

Competition dark mode also, the operating system (OS) to urge Google and Apple, Android, and iOS. With the release of the Android Q-Beta and iOS 13 Beta, Google and Apple enliven the competition in the market dark mode.

The similar but not the same, and this is the distinctive difference that can be seen in dark mode iOS 13 Beta and Android Q Beta.

1. The activation of the dark mode Android-Q is easy

If the conversation about the power on the simple, Android Q the winner. To activate the dark mode in Android, you simply follow the steps below:

  • Open “Settings“and select section “View“,
  • Select “Dark Theme“.

Even easier, you can enable dark mode the automatically with the battery-saver option (battery saver) on the Android Q Beta by quick settings.

To enable similar to the Android Q Beta dark mode on iOS 13 Beta, you can use the steps below:

  • Open “Settings“and select the “Display and brightness“,
  • Select “Dark“.

Or, you can change the Light Mode todark mode or Vice versa by tapping on the option “Look“in the option “Brightness“on “Control Center“(the video above).

2. Design-dark mode to iOS 13 Beta on the eyes

This Striking difference between the Dark mode on Android and

Talk about design, dark mode give the impression of the mysterious and elegant. But, how to design dark mode on Android, Q-Beta and iOS 13 Beta different?

“Both are equally black, is it?”

Different in the case of iOS-13-Beta -, Android Q the Beta shows that dark modeits cover almost the entire screen. Thus, the user can feel safe, because smartphoneits more battery saving.

The text, however, is the color white to pale so it looks out of focus considered.

Similar to the Android-Q -, iOS-13 Beta is a mixture of light and contrast are well balanced so pleasant on the eyes. The color of the text to white, not pale, so it is easier to read.

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In the design industry, iOS-13-Beta-winner.

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3. Dark mode for iOS 13 Beta cross-application

This Striking difference between the Dark mode on Android and

It will be troublesome for you, if it is enabled dark mode but change it by opening another app.

It was addressed by Apple about iOS 13 Beta. Dark Mode on iOS-13-Beta-friendly first-party apps from Apple. So, you don’t need to bother turning on the back dark mode.

In the meantime, Android users to Beta F to turn on the back dark mode not cross-application.

Annoying, of course!” as has been said, by many Android users.

4. Comparison of the dark theme for WhatsApp

This Striking difference between the Dark mode on Android and

To test the reliability of the dark mode Android Q-Beta and iOS 13 Beta, let’s see its performance on the messaging app cross PlatformWhatsApp, which was recently published dark theme.

On iOS 13 Beta, view dark theme on WhatsApp am looking to get a deep black is really, during the Android Q Beta just like the mix of the colors gray and green-gray.

“Then, if the color is different, what is different?”

Certainly, as iOS 13, the battery consumption is dark, a little more, because the pixels used, the color is off display. It is clearly visible to leads iPhone X, XS/XSMax, and 11 Pro/Pro Max that the OLED screen.

Since Android Q Beta still show a little color, which means there are still pixels, so not very battery efficient.

This Striking difference between the Dark mode on Android and

This is the difference-the difference is striking dark mode on iOS 13 Beta and Android Q Beta. To the knowledge of the difference can be seen when iOS 13 Beta is much faster than Android Q Beta on the design side, cross-applications and the battery saver.

Not sad for the Android users,. There is still room for Android to develop Q dark modebe.

In any case, the second OS is still a Beta version, so there is still room for improvisation.

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