This time, the impossible mission is to save the Calculation of the Dead.

After more than five years of waiting, the seventh chapter of the successful franchise is back in theaters. Mission impossible captain, after global success Top Shooter: Maverickstainless steel Tom Cruise – Needless to say, the expectations from him, as always, are very high. And it must be said right away that even under this circumstance, at the age of sixty-one, he gives his body and soul to his beloved audience, giving them and giving us breathtaking shots. Now, however, the question is natural: is there something more? Could a few stunts be enough to elevate an action movie to this point in 2023? In fact, we have to work, the threat of which is a very dangerous artificial intelligence.

The problem, paradoxically, is that at times the film does seem to be written by AI. And it’s not very good. Actually, this is precisely the main problem of the film, written and shot Christopher McCarreywhich, however, showed an excellent direction in the two previous chapters (rogue nation AND fall out). First part Mission Impossible – Paying for Death in fact, it will be a classic convoluted round-the-world trip from Abu Dhabi to our Rome and Venice, all the way to a collision aboard the Orient Express bound for Innsbruck. While the film is technically correct (the $300 million budget helps), it feels redundant with action scenes taken to the extreme by a crude and unoriginal script. The plot twists are frankly tension-free and ring like new actors. Hayley Atwell (mercy) Pom Klementieff (Paris) ed. Esai Morales (Gabriel) While they’re not helped in part by the strong writing behind them, they struggle to keep up with the historical faces of the saga.

Summing up, Mission Impossible – Paying for Death it turns out an excellent fan toy, which, on the one hand, achieves a minimal result, that is, it entertains the viewer without shame and without praise, but on the other hand, it does not give the public a story that can combine iconic characters, epic and action in a wise and balanced way. For now, we just have to wait with great anticipation for next summer to see if, stepping out of the dressing room, Ethan Hunt and his comrades can give us a second half capable of completing what remains one of the most exciting action films of the last thirty years.

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