This was the challenge of Xbox to bring the latest backward compatible games

Microsoft has made an enormous effort to preserve the history of the video game. From Redmond they worked hard to bring backward compatibility with Xbox Origina and Xbox 360. And they did it not only thanks to allowing us to play those games on our Xbox One and Xbox Series; They also gave us FPS Boost so that we play it arrives in the best conditions. You don’t know what it is, I leave you this link so that you can consult the available list.

The point is that recently and nothing we heard about the arrival of the latest batch of backward compatible games to the program. On November 15, Microsoft announced that these 76 games would be the last to arrive, and the program was definitively closed. Too bad because I would have liked to play Magna Carta 2 or Eternal Sonata on my Xbox Series.

Backward compatible games pushed Microsoft to the limit

The end of the program was a stream of cold water for fans of classic games as a server. It is possible that many think of this as a way to get rid of Microsoft, but the reality is that the Americans were fighting for it until the end until it reached a point where they literally could not do more, they reached the limit of their capabilities.

This has been told by Jason Ronald in a recent podcast where he left us another interesting headline about achievements. The Xbox executive says that some of the games added in the latest batch of backwards compatible have been in the oven for years, that is, they have been working for a long time.

To be honest, every title is a challenge, be it a technical problem, be it a licensing problem … So when we said that we had reached the limit to add new games to the program, believe me if there is a game that you wanted to add to the program , we have already tried to bring it. And in some cases we have been trying for years. Some of the titles that are in this lot have actually cost us years of work.

The phrase “We have reached the limit of the program” was quite controversial because each one understood it as they pleased. The reality is that bringing these games costs money and in most cases it does not even depend on Microsoft. Ronald was sincere and said that the effort was enormous.

It’s obviously disappointing that we can’t add more titles to the show, but at the same time I can honestly say that the team has gone above and beyond, and they were able to get games that I never thought we could add to the show.

Personally, some names come to mind like Too Human or Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, games that were out of circulation because the study had disappeared directly. And yet we can play them on our consoles.

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