This Was the Failed Career of Luis Miguel’s Brother as a Singer

Luis Miguel.

Sergio Basteri also sought a career in the artistic medium, however, he did not have the same result as “El Sol”

The second season of  Luis Miguel, the series  returned to the small screen last Sunday, April 18, and again uncovered the topic of conversation around the life of the “Sun of Mexico.” One of the themes that were played in the first two chapters of the series was the beginning of the failed career of Sergio Basteri, Luis Miguel’s younger brother,  in music.

In the Netflix production, it can be seen that it was at the end of the 90s that Sergio, supported by his grandmother and uncle, began doing castings and giving interviews for television where he showed his vocal talent. Although in the fiction it is shown that the brother of the Sun did not do it badly, the truth is that the career of Sergio Gallego – as he called himself artistically – did not bear fruit.

In 2008, Sergio at the age of 21 joined a musical group in Guadalajara called ” Decathlon “, together they released the single “Car Crash” which was part of the album More than one million sales worldwide did not detonate beyond the local public. After a search that ended in nothing for a representative who wanted to promote him, Sergio decided that the art world was not for him.

Then the middle  Noroeste reported that the younger brother of the singer had a style “carefree” and looked visibly depressed by the distance he had of his brothers. In an anecdote that the producer of the album related, he assured that initially, he would only do the backing vocals for the band’s album, but that his voice made him stay within the main voices.

The brother of the interpreter of “Until You Forget Me” lived for a time in Boston under the care of Dr. Octavio Foncerrada, who obtained his guardianship. There he continued his life away from the public eye.

After that flash in the middle, Sergio completely disappeared from public life. It was until May 2019 that some photographs were leaked in which he appeared next to his brother,  Alejandro Basteri. The images showed that they have a good relationship, unlike their older brother.


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