This Was the Relationship Between Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula

Luis Miguel.

The actress and the singer starred in one of the most mediated love stories of the show during the 2000s, however, the details of the relationship remain a mystery

Since the biographical series of Luis Miguel broke into Netflix, the details of the singer’s life have been the subject of conversation, because until a couple of years ago they had been kept away from the public eye. And something that many expected to see in fiction was the relationship that El Sol had with Aracely Arámbula, a story that has been completely discarded.

Recently, the 46-year-old actress celebrated that that part of her life has been left out of Netflix production and assured that she will tell what she experienced at the time, through her memories. But … What is known about Aracely Arámbula’s relationship with Luis Miguel? Here we tell you a little about that romance.

They were seen for the first time in 2005, the couple was visiting Venice, Italy, and they were walking hand in hand. Between rumors and the silence of the famous, they lived a year of relationship until they announced that they would become parents. The actress had decided to put her career on hiatus to give herself completely to the relationship.

The first speculations that they were expecting a child came out in November 2005, at that time the singer still did not confirm that Michelle Salas was his daughter, so before the media, it would be “his first child” officially.

Many fans have always assured that  Aracely and Luis Miguel were married, however, this is only speculation. In May 2006, the People en Español medium reported that they held a civil wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico, with 60 guests including celebrities, however many artists such as  Victoria Ruffo denied the link.

Time passed and Miguel was born, two years later Daniel arrived. During that time the singer recognized his daughter Michelle and despite rumors that Aracely opposed it, over time “La Chule” has shown that he wants his children to have a good relationship with his half-sister.

Between these years the relationship between Luis Miguel and Arámbula remained hermetic, it was until 2009 that it was said that they had ended, although neither of them officially confessed it; the couple stopped appearing on magazine covers together and Aracely returned to television.

In 2011 she declared that the singer did not spend time with his children and for his part, El Sol was in an affair with Daisy Fuentes. The actress sued him two years later asking for the support of her children, at the same time she decided that it would be best for the children to remain anonymous until they were of age, which is why she does not show them on her social networks today.

The chronology is clear to many, however, the details of why they ended or how the love began are not yet clear. We will have to wait for La Chule to release his memoirs to know the official version behind all this.


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