This was the supposed fight between Ximena Navarrete and Elizabeth Gutiérrez a few years ago

The discussion between them has a very different outcome than expected

In 2015 it was said that Ximena Navarrete and Elizabeth Gutiérrez were not the best of friends. It was all due to an alleged argument they had over the love of a man. And if you don’t remember how the supposed fight was, here we leave it for you.

Despite having two children together, William Levy and Elizabeth have separated and on more than one occasion the Cuban has been accused of infidelity. This made more noise when they said that Ximena Navarrete was conquering the actor, which would have brought him an exchange of very strong messages with Elizabeth.  

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Elizabeth was said to have warned Navarrete to stay away from Levy, this via text message. Ximena replied that she had told her that she no longer had anything more with the mother of her children, so they had started a relationship. In addition, Navarrete told him that “she knew very well where William slept” and refused to accept her colleague’s claims. The story was something similar to what Gabriel Soto, Geraldine Bazán, and Irina Baeva lived in 2019.

The truth is that this discussion, in the end, turned out to be false , since it was the former Miss Universe who revealed the truth. “These magazines publish anything,” she said and ended the issue.

Everyone involved preferred to stay on the sidelines and the question of the relationship between Levy and Ximena remained in the air. The actor has had several conquests over time, but she rarely talks about it.


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