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This was the unforgettable anecdote that Angelina Jolie lived with a Venezuelan child

A few days ago the actress Angelina Jolie recalled in an interview on the program Lorraine a moving experience he lived with a Venezuelan child, when visited in 2019 the border with Colombia.

In part of the interview the actress commented: ” These children were told that this lady was there to help them, and then the family came in and I started talking to the mother and the child who was told that ‘this lady is here to help him’ came in, saw me and began to recede“.

“The child’s mother was trying to tell him to be nice to me and I realized she saw Maleficent. He was about 7 years old and the boy said ‘she doesn’t come to help us, I know‘”, Angelina recalled the reaction the child had when he saw her and related her to the film.

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Jolie added that “that must be very confusing for the kids who are told I’m a person from the UN and then they think I’m a witch“.

The video where the Angelina remembers her experience has gone viral in TikTok.

Your visit on the border between Colombia and Venezuela she did it to carry out her work as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency. The actress traveled to see first-hand the problems of thousands of Venezuelans who had left their country.

In a statement issued in 2019 he said “I will not forget what I have seen here, I will not forget the Venezuelan people I have met here. My heart is with them, and I hope to be back soon.”

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