This will be the first meeting between midwives and traditional doctors

Reduce the risks associated with the pregnancies of women from indigenous communities that took place in Guanía through is the initial objective of the 1st Meeting of Traditional Midwives: Ancestral Knowledge and Practices for Life, which will be held in the municipality of Inírida from November 16 to 19.

More than 50 confirmed attendees will participate in this event, thanks to which they will have the opportunity to provide both midwives and traditional doctors with information on Western medicine that they can put into practice as a complement to their know-how.

In the words of Pablo Acosta, mayor of Inírida, this meeting will guarantee a great exchange of experiences and knowledge. “It will allow us to bring together experts and midwives with a lot of knowledge to share, not only with each other, but also with the Western world, and that is complementary to the health system that we have here in Guainía,” he points out.

In this, Carlos Erick Azcárate, Municipal Health Secretary agrees: “It is a transfer of knowledge and knowledge, because the midwives are in the furthest parts of the territory and represent a great support in the deliveries, but sometimes complications are generated. So it is an ideal occasion to guide them about all these warning signs and risks, so that they determine, as the first intervener in the community, how to do it and how to intervene in the maternal-perinatal care route. This is very important, because we are consolidating them in good health practices, to improve resolution in areas of high dispersion ”.

The training meeting, which will be held at the Centro Vida facilities, will be attended by midwives located in the municipal seat, as well as other residents on the banks of the Inírida and Guaviare rivers and in the territory of Chorrobocón.

The activity, the first of its kind called by the Mayor’s Office of Inírida and its Municipal Health Secretariat, is supported by Coosalud EPS, as the leading insurer in the area; the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

“Because it is a scattered rural area, when a mother is about to have her baby, in many communities it is difficult to arrive in the municipality. So, the idea is for the midwives to leave with knowledge, apart from what they already have, which, ultimately, will contribute to preventing maternal and infant mortality ”, highlights, for her part, Adriana Sarmiento, a reference to the Dimension of Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Rights of the Ministry of Health of the municipality.

For Carlos Erick Azcárate, midwives are strategic allies to promote interculturality in the health model established in Guainía: “We have been proposing interculturality in the model through traditional medicine and midwives. This event will be a great starting point to continue strengthening from our own, that is, from the indigenous culture, what are the processes and procedures, as well as what is the route and role of each of the intervening in the situations and care ”.

“I believe that these actions allow us to continue integrating knowledge, the participation of indigenous peoples in the construction of interculturality and this, little by little, will contribute to continue promoting integration, articulation with the health system and, from this In this way, we will provide a better service to each of the users ”, concludes Mayor Acosta.


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