This world won’t make me worse: quotes from the Man in Black to Sailor Moon, all from ZeroCalcCare

void limestone
All quotes from “This world won’t mind me” (

Afterwards “tear off the edges“The cartoonist ZeroCalc is back in the limelight”this world won’t make me bad“: Here are all the quotes.

cartoonist void limestone He has also become a well-known television personality in recent years, above all thanks to his two animated TV series that landed Netflix, tear off the edgesin 2021, and this world won’t make me badAvailable on the platform from 9th June.

As was the case with the first series, for this world won’t make me bad A great job has been done by the animation studio production of movementswhich he has created and included in many shows Citation, Easter eggs And give feedback context For pop culture and general.
It’s really hard to capture them all unless you freeze every frame, but lo and behold list of all quotes Appeared in 6 episodes of the series.

All “This World Won’t Make Me Feel Bad” Quotes

The first quote can be found on the wall of the police station where a picture used to hang don mateoCharacter played by Terence Hill in the RAI fiction of the same name.
ZeroCalcCare then admitted in an interview that he also wanted to include several posters related to films and other works of which he is passionate: amelie’s wonderful world, breaking bad And boris (Cleverly edited for copyright reasons).

void limestone
Armadillo’s reference to “Men in Black” (

In addition, a view also has an explicit context men in Blackfamous 1997 film starring Will Smith:In this world won’t make me bad to the armadillo neuralizer that erases memory.
citation needed comic books and oh Video gameTwo great passions of ZeroCalcCare, such as: pk extension, Spider Man, Street Fighter And metal Slug,

ZeroCalcCare reveals its biggest passion involved in the series

Turning instead to the Japanese culture that has invaded the world and the world as a whole, ZeroCalcCare has acknowledged its greatest passion: Dragon Ball,
both in tear off the edges In this world I wouldn’t mind a scene with that specific ballet that the heroes of Dragon Ball get to perform Fusion,

There is also a reference to persist in the world of Japanese animation. sailor Moonespecially for the character of sailor uranusWhose features were used to create the character of Sarah’s girlfriend.
Quotes from both past and present works: characters’ bowl-shaped hair stranger thingsor a quote star wars Like Han Solo in a carbonite slab with zero petrifying.

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