Thomas Muller thinks why Leo Messi is higher than Cristiano Ronaldo

A debate that has raged for more than a decade has to do with comparisons between: Leo Messi and Christianity ronaldo. This time, whoever leans toward one of them, thomas Muller. The Germans not only chose Rosario, they provided the arguments.

Messi surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo

That’s what he said thomas Muller When asked which football player is the best of all time.Talk to DAZN, 33-year-old German player Bayern Munich He did not hesitate to provide a solid argument: “For me, he is Messi because he makes us say ‘I walked onto the pitch because of his elegance’, while at the same time he is very efficient in terms of scoring goals and setting records .” and title. “

Of course, he does not deprive Cristiano Ronaldo of his merits or “points”: “He is also a strong candidate both in terms of statistics and titles, but Messi is just more subtle and elegant.”

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Muller vs Messi

The story between Leo Messi and Thomas Müller has many plot points. From the German team’s historic elimination of Barcelona by Bayern Munich with a total score of 8-2, to the Bavarians defeating Leo’s Paris Saint-Germain in the last Champions League to obtain the final qualification.

Judging from the history at the club level, in the aforementioned 2015 Champions League semi-finals, Muller won 5 games and Messi only won one; as a national team, there were only two crosses: 2010 World Cup Germany defeated Argentina 4-0. In the final of the 2014 World Cup in South Africa and Brazil, the German team defeated Albiceleste 1-0 to win the World Cup trophy.

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