Thor: Love and Thunder – Some storyboards confirm Valkyrie’s love story.

Thor: Love and Thunder was also supposed to explore the Valkyrie love story that Tessa Thompson teased. Some storyboards that have recently surfaced online have confirmed this theory and also revealed the identity of the heroine’s love interest.

Thor: Love and Thunder – the criticized final chapter of the saga about the God of Thunder performed by Chris Hemsworth – also had to tell about one thing Valkyrie love storyas his translator repeatedly repeated, Tessa Thompson, during an advertising campaign. However, the version of the comic that was released in theaters did not contain any hint of this plot, which, according to some, storyboards recently leaked online, not only was it widely developed, but also we would also be talking about another historical heroine of the Thor franchise.

Thor: Love and Thunder: Valkyrie’s Potential Love Interest Revealed

Tessa Thompsontherefore, he revealed that his character’s storyline would involve finding a “queen” with whom to rule New Asgard, effectively confirming his sexual orientation and his belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Some storyboards were recently leaked online and then revealedidentity of Valkyrie’s potential love interestthat is Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander). In a clip posted on X (formerly Twitter), we see Valkyrie rescuing Sif during the Battle of New Asgard and carrying her away on her horse. An event that would ignite a spark between them, giving life to a love story that, according to the original plans, was supposed to be fundamental to the plot.

However, Valkyrie, at least for now, is still destined to remain alone. Lady Sif debuted in Thor (2011), and then returned with the God of Thunder in the sequel, Thor: The Dark World. Absent from Chapter Three, Sif later appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder, where he appears briefly after his battle with Gorr the Godslayer (Christian Bale). It is currently unclear whether Tessa Thompson AND Jamie Alexander will return to the MCU – rumors about the development of a fifth episode directed by Taika Waititi have actually been refuted and there is no mention of the possibility in the plans for Phases 5 and 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor 5. However, both heroines could play a more or less significant role in Avengers: Kahn Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars, the next two major crossovers that were destined to conclude the Multiverse saga. Thompson, on the other hand, is also committed to the franchise. Creed, which Michael B. Jordan would like to turn into a true cinematic universe. So all that remains is to wait further eventsin the hope that love story between Valkyrie and Lady Sif may find a way to materialize.

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