“Those that survive”, he jokes delegate in BC on families with Covid-19


Tijuana.- The delegate of the federal government in Baja California, Jesus Alejandro Ruiz Uribejoked in live streaming on the families that survive when the end of the crisis generated by pandemic virus Covid-19.

In the middle of a question and answer session with reporters the state, which was recorded and transmitted live via your social network, the official would answer to a reporter about the losses that will be for the entity.

Although in a serious tone stated that there would be losses but that would also exist the possibility to rebuild, in the end it ended up adding that later justified as a joke: “it’s Going to emerge a society much more supportive. And you will emerge a new strengthening of the family… those that survive… hehehe… No, I’m kidding.”

Almost immediately and regained the seriousness in the face the officer continued with the questions and answers session with the local press.

Baja California is one of the three states of the country with the highest mortality Covid-19, as revealed this Tuesday the secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Perez Rico, with 12 deaths.

Offers apologies

Within A few hours of that publication would spread in social networks and outside “trending topic” on Twitter, the official launched a video, accompanied by his wife, in which he called for an apology to those who have felt offended with his sayings.

He explained that the reference was to the families who “survived” the running of the bulls and not the virus, in addition to say that there is a campaign against him for defaming the Fourth Transformation.

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