Those who have problems with adult acne have to Drew Barrymore to fight it | Fashion and Beauty


Who more or who less has had some granite in the face in any occasion. Some suffer from acne, and the problem is more obvious, but no one is free from this problem that can arise by having a delicate skin, by the pollution, stress or many other causes that we cannot control.

The case is how to deal with those bumps when they come out in the face. The doctors, the first thing that they advise is not to touch them but, of course, sometimes that something is impossible, we are human beings, we can’t always control ourselves.

Drew Barrymore is suffering from an outbreak of adult acne, because for this there is no ages, and wanted to share, throughout the week, their tricks to combat them.

#Masks cleansing from Caudalie. It is indicated for skin combination or oily with imperfections. The actress explains that it applies more amount where it has more pores, that is to say, in the nose and cheeks. And ensures that the cream also serves to “put it only on a pimple to dry it for the night.”

#Ice. He has not hesitated to tell her, when it explodes a granite placed over an ice cube to reduce the size. “I use it as a quick fix” he says. What it achieves is to prevent the redness and inflammation and speed the time of cure.

“If I had not put ice I would have woken up with more infection and the crust would have been greater and would have lasted more days. However, tomorrow, the scab will peel off. It will be flat”, he explains.

#Eye drops. Another of their tricks is to use these drops, yours are of the brand Visine, which have anti-inflammatory effect.

It is clear that the actress is used to dealing with this kind of things, your profession requires it. It is well seen to show imperfections in the perched and red carpets by parading these Hollywood stars.

In addition, to the 45 years just turned, Barrymore, you can boast of being a entrepreneur in the world of beauty as it has its own products, Flower beauty, that we have also been presented in several tutorials.

It is clear that this known for a while. Do you dare to try?