Thousands of older adults received their booster dose against covid 19

The second day of vaccination was carried out in 11 clubs both in the Capital and in La Banda for those over 70 years of age with the aim of prolonging protection.

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With great adherence, the second round of immunization with booster doses was developed for older adults who received their second dose 6 months ago. The vaccination was carried out in 11 clubs in the Capital Cities and La Banda, with the aim of increasing and prolonging the protection of this group.

The Undersecretary of Health Dr. César Monti, accompanied the actions of the Campaign at the Belgrano Club, where he insisted on the importance of completing the vaccination schedules against COVID 19.

“It has been seen that the combination of vaccines enhances immunity, this combination is approved by the ANMAT and also worldwide. The third dose and the booster dose began in older adults, in comorbid patients and will continue with the other age groups so that everyone can access the protection of the vaccine ”.

In addition, Dr. Monti recalled that the additional dose is a third dose to complete a scheme in those people who have an insufficient immune response. It should be received by people older than 18 years with immunocompromise who have received any vaccine before as well as those older than 50 years and older than 18 years with risk conditions who received two doses of Sinopharm. The minimum interval from the 2nd dose is 4 weeks.

On the other hand, the booster dose is placed to increase the amount of antibodies and prolong it, people who received the Sputnik, AstraZeneca or Covishield vaccines are vaccinated with a booster. The people who will receive the booster dose are health personnel, adults over 70 years of age and elderly residents of long-stay homes, and it will be lowered by age group as they reach 6 months of the application of the second dose.

Finally, the Undersecretary of Health, informed the community “the pandemic has not passed and obviously continuing in a pandemic means that there are mutations of this original strain that is more contagious and can make those patients who have a previous disease sick, hence the importance of people being vaccinated. For this reason, the Ministry of Health and the government of the province have permanent vaccinations in the Capital City, the City of La Banda and towns in the interior of the province that continue to be open from Monday to Sunday. As we also carry out vaccination at home, it must be managed by contacting the UPA in your coverage area ”.

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