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THR: Halo lost two showrunners at once

In early June, footage from the leaked trailer of the Halo series , which is due to be released in early 2022 exclusively on the Paramount + streaming service, was published on the Web . The video was supposed to be shown as part of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase online presentation , but this did not happen.

Edition of The Hollywood Reporter has decided to shed light on the status of the long-suffering project from Microsoft and ViacomCBS , which for many years was in production hell. Filming in Budapest will wrap up in the next few weeks, after which Halo … will lose its showrunner.

It turned out that there was a mess in the project management. Original showrunner Kyle Killen quietly left the series back in late 2019. He asked to hire a second showrunner, deciding to stay in the United States and focus on finalizing the script.

In March 2019, Stephen Kane became the new showrunner , overseeing the production in Hungary. Upon completion of filming, he will also leave Halo. If a second season is approved, Microsoft and ViacomCBS will have to find a replacement for Kane.

The TV series adaptation of Halo has been in production since 2013. Initially, the project was supposed to be released on the Xbox platform and the cable channel Showtime , and Steven Spielberg himself acted as a producer (later the director left the project, but not his company Amblin Television ) In 2018, it was announced that the series would be a Showtime exclusive. However, CBS, which controlled the channel, then decided to re-merge with Viacom .

In 2014, ViacomCBS launched the disastrous streaming service CBS All Access , which was relaunched in 2021 under the new name Paramount +. In February 2021, it was announced that Halo would be released exclusively on the streaming service.

Halo is produced by Microsoft, 343 Industries , Amblin Television and Showtime Networks and will feature nine episodes in its first season. The main role was given to the actor Pablo Schreiber.

The series should focus on the war between the United Nations Space Command ( UNSC ) and the alien alliance known as the Covenant . In the center of the story will be the chief petty officer ( Master Chief ) of the special forces John-117 , who became part of the program to create super-soldiers ” Spartan-II “.

The Master Chief will be supported by the AI Cortana . Initially, her role went to actress Natasha McElhone , but due to the conflict of schedules, she will play only the prototype of the AI ​​- the creator of the program “Spartan II” Catherine Halsey . The role of Cortana was transferred to actress Jen Taylor , who voiced the character in all games in the series.

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